Wondershow: For a Night Of The Unexpected!

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Get Ready for WONDERSHOW
Featuring an extraordinary line up of the city’s hottest magicians and variety acts.
Nov. 22nd, Doors 7pm, $15. 21 and over
Galapagos Art Space 16 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY (DUMBO)

Developed by award-winning producer Patrick Terry, don’t miss the mind-blowing illusions of rising star RYAN DUTCHER (MTV), the exquisite sleight of hand of New York’s own DAVID SCHWARTZ, and the inspiring miracles of international sensation ANDREW GOLDENHERSH  (The Magic Castle), & much more! See a video teaser here.

Illusionist Ryan Dutcher in NYC
Aurora Black

Presented exclusively at DUMBO’s gorgeous Galapagos Art Space, WONDERSHOW is an experience like no other – and will showcase the best in underground performers as well as established professionals, like the incredible ASI WIND, a recent winner of the Merlin Award for “Most Innovative Show” – an honor whose previous recipients include Penn & Teller, Criss Angel, and David Copperfield. In addition to being one of the world’s most acclaimed mentalists, Asi also served as an advisor on David Blaine’s new TV special and recently wrapped a sold out run of his hit show Concert of the Mind.

The line up will also include a special appearance by FRANCIS MENOTTI, known far and wide as one of the most respected entertainers working today. As well as spellbinding burlesque by New York City’s naughtiest ballerina, AURORA BLACK. WONDERSHOW’s creator, Patrick Terry will serve as the Master of Ceremonies chaperoning the night’s spirit of all things astounding and confounding.

Producer and Magic Man himself, Patrick Terry

Like nothing you expect and everything you imagine, this unique variety experience, continues to be the city’s most exciting destination for magic, mischief & mystery.

Feminine Finesse and Storybook Style

Art Design

By Emilia Nejatbakhsh

These beautiful, handcrafted prints by VERRIER are available as charming, memorable cards for many special occasions. They’re perfect for a close like-minded friend! They’re also sold in larger size, some in frames, so they’re ready to be hung up and give your apartment a whimsical and fairytale-like feel. So hurry on down to this weeks ID Pop Shop NYC at Chelsea Market and pick up your favorites. And make sure to check out her clothing line as well which features unforgetteable coats, seperates and dresses.

Follow @idpopshopnyc on twitter for updates and become a fan on facebook.

Gluhwein, Gold and Diamonds: Warm Winter Wednesdays at Fassbinder Smith Street

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Fassbinder Smith Street, the pop-up shop by uber-cool jewelry designer Sonja Fries, is hosting “Warm Winter Wednesdays” events, started Nov 5th and continuing the 12th and 19th at the new location for the legendary jewelry atelier. There will be warm German Gluhwein, cookies, raffles, prizes, special offers, Prosecco and… just possibly a visit from a jolly man in a red suit and hat(!).

233 Smith Street between Butler and Douglas
Fries, recognizable as a wide-eyed svelte Bavarian gamine, is a meticulous goldsmith from Germany whose sublime jewelry seduced Michael Stipe, The Scissor Sisters, and Julianne Moore from her opulently bohemian shop in years past. Sonja Fries has owned and run galleries as far afield as Berlin, Hamburg, and Bangkok, and a decade long stint with partner Hal Ludacer at the beloved Fassbinder gallery in the heart of New York’s Greenwich Village.

Sonja has been enamored of Smith Street and its environs for some time and has decided to reopen Fassbinder to interact again with customers while promoting jewelry and other select objects as art in a cultural framework in the store.  Sonja says: “It’s going to be great to be back in the middle of it all again, and I look forward to the time on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be right now.”

Her own jewelry harkens back to her Bavarian upbringing with many of her pieces having textures found in nature such as snakeskin, bark, and wood.  Her pieces combine elements of angular German geometry and European minimalism, with soft, feminine features.  Before coming to New York, Sonja’s work took her from Munich to Hamburg, making one of a kind pieces working in the latter for Hilde Leiss, an internationally renowned jewelry designer.  Sonja Fries produces her pieces by hand using traditional methods. There are no mass-produced, one-piece castings. Much like an architect she sets out with a unique vision and carefully selects her materials. In her own words: “You design a piece and then you start constructing, layer by layer.”

The holiday shop will be open November 8, 2012 through January 31, 2013.  The store is located at 233 Smith Street between Butler and Douglas in Brooklyn. The store is open Monday to Sunday 12 – 9 pm.  In addition to her holiday shop, her work can be found at www.sonjafriesllc.blogspot.com or http://www.sonja-fries.com.

Max Steiner for Fassbinder origami crane necklace
Textured Metric-ruler inspired necklace by Sonja Fries

Kimberlin Brown Emerald Blue Sea Anemone ring at FASSBINDER
spoon Twig, Sterling silver $ 95

Sonja Fries Is Reopening The Storied Fassbinder Jewelry Gallery in Cobble Hill

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Opening Doors November 10th, Launch Event November 15th from 5-9

FASSBINDER, the famous West Village boutique voted best jewelry in NYC for many years, is resurfacing as a new holiday shop, taking over a seasonal ice cream parlor at 233 Smith Street in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood. Sonja Fries, a former partner of this beloved boutique, will bring its acclaimed and chic designs to this Brooklyn outpost located between Butler and Douglas.

The new store will embrace a “salon” ethos and host a variety of special events including live music nights with cello and harp, traditional German Glühwein and evenings of prosecco sippings for the ladies as they build up their holiday wish lists. In addition to Sonja’s own jewelry line, the store will feature work from Kimberlin Brown, Max Steiner and Sarah Richardson.  There will also be select vintage furniture for sale from a Miami-based antiques and design center.

Fries, recognizable as a blue-eyed svelte Bavarian gamine, is a meticulous goldsmith from Germany whose sublime jewelry seduced Michael Stipe, The Scissor Sisters, and Julianne Moore from her opulently bohemian shop in years past. Sonja Fries has owned and run galleries as far afield as Berlin, Hamburg, and Bangkok, and a decade long stint with partner Hal Ludacer at the beloved Fassbinder gallery in the heart of New York’s Greenwich Village.

Sonja has been enamored of Smith Street and its environs for some time and has decided to reopen Fassbinder to interact again with customers while promoting jewelry and other select objects as art in a cultural framework in the store.  Sonja says: “It’s going to be great to be back in the middle of it all again, I miss the interaction with customers most!”

Chainmail necklace by Sonja Fries at Fassbinder
Kimberlin Brown Emerald Blue Sea Anemone ring
Max Steiner for Fassbinder origami crane
Ring by Sonja Fries
Silver Earrings by Sarah Richardson

Edge of Ember Jewelry: Making Philanthropy Beautiful

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EDGE OF EMBER’s brand of philanthropy is a prime example of how fashion and accessories can
provide sustainable employment, market access and most importantly, create social change in less
fortunate countries. Every collection is meticulously handcrafted by local artisans in developing
Asia. 10% of our proceeds goes towards the philanthropic venture of the brand, The Ember Project,
which directly funds charity projects that focus on women and children in the local communities
of artisans that the brand works with.
The first collection, SARAT (the Khmer word for “beauty”) features handmade jewelry
pieces from Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam.  All three of our bestsellers – the Dylan
earrings, Blair necklace and Padma earrings are all individually handcrafted in Cambodia.
Padma Earrings with black stone
The matte gold plated geometric studs and spikes are made from raw brass bombshells
rescued from Cambodian land. The local artisans that we work with are all part of the
Rajana Association, a fair trade organization that strives on creating jobs and promoting
talent for the disadvantaged.
Some of our bolder jewelry includes the Astor bangle and the Anika bangle; both pieces
are made in Vietnam, where local artisans use natural buffalo horn to delicately create
exceptional jewelry. The organic material of the buffalo horn, adorned with a freshwater
pearl accent and plated spike embodies a raw, ethnic touch with a subtle hint of femininity.

Mathieu Mirano Spring 2013 Collection NYFW

Art Design Fashion Fashion Week

By Constance Zheng with Marcy Clark for Women’s Mafia

Mathieu Mirano’s Spring/Summer 2013 presentation stood in sharp contrast to the season he was purportedly designing for. The stunning models (excellent casting for this show) posed as a snow queen in elegant gowns, capes, jackets, pants and short looks, as the beats thumped in the glacial background. It was fire and ice, with striking phoenix imagery. The model’s make-up  was an effective nude look with a poker face and clean hairstyle. Time seamed to stand still in the Box at Lincoln Center for Matheui Mirano and his intricate, glamorous and impeccable new collection.

POP 242 Launch Party!

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The Women’s Mafia has teamed up with our sister PR Firm Yellow Sky Agency to create POP 242, part women’s wear and accessories Shop, part PR showroom for editors and stylists, and always a party!

Would you like to join us for our exclusive Launch Party on Wednesday July 11th from 6-9pm?

242 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Within 5 minutes of the Bedford L train and also accessible from the J,M,Z and G trains.

RSVP@yellowskyagency.com to attend the launch party or to be added to our guest list for future events – we will have trunk shows, sample sales, art, music and cultural events all throughout July, August and September. Designers interested in learning more about POP 242 can email Marcy@yellowskyagency.com for details.


TALENT Q&A: Dawn Smart, Leading Businesswoman and Designer To The Ballroom Stars

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By Marcy Clark with additional reporting by Gildas Rolland

Dore Designs and CEO Dawn Smart are bringing haute couture to American shores with striking custom made gowns, which are highly coveted by ballroom dance champions and private clients alike.

Dawn Smart, left, with Sales Associate Heidi Bucigross

Ms. Smart purchased the company in 2007 and with her at the helm sales of Dore Designs gowns have doubled, and the company now posts revenues in excess of 2 million dollars a year.

With her designs regularly featured on stars of television programs such as “So You Think You Can Dance” and in the feature film “Musical Chairs,” Dawn has an inspiring story and fantastic advice for young women eager to enter the design world, as well as anyone who is determined to follow their true passion.

Women’s Mafia: What does fashion mean to you?

Dawn Smart: As the head designer at Dore Designs I view fashion from a ballroom prism; gowns are created to accentuate movement. I am creating costuming and design is influenced by the champion who is wearing a Dore Gown. A dancer who has an incredible ability to spin might spark a trend for skirts that fly out. For me ballroom fashion is a collaborative effort with the dancers wearing my creations.

WM: How were you introduced to the Ballroom world?

DS: A friend took me to a ballroom studio for a party. He had said that we were going to a chamber of commerce function and then suddenly they turned off the lights and a big guy asked me to foxtrot. I resisted falling in love with the industry for a few months, and kept delaying the lessons I had purchased at that event. When I finally took my first step on the dance floor, I knew I never wanted to leave. For the first time in my life I really enjoyed exercise. Dancing with another person, being able to have a conversation, understanding the music; it was all fun and engaging on so many levels.

WM: Where do you get your design inspiration?

DS: My design inspiration for the ballroom world comes from the story of the movement. A lot of dancers have a story they are telling as a couple, a scene they are acting out, and they often share that with me as I begin the design process. For one champion couple, the woman was embodying a “Mediterranean Goddess” character and so we dressed her accordingly: in blues, silks and turquoises. The characterization informed the way her partner interacted with her and made them even more compelling to watch.

WM: What makes Dore Designs gowns unique?

We make our designs in the United States, they are all couture construction and they are all original. We make them on a body form, with a specific body in mind and that is why they fit our clients so well.

We dress Ballroom champions and also real women just entering the field, for over 30 years now. We use a lot of jersey, crepe and silk from Italy, as well as stretch fabrics of various types. We use many unusual fabrics to create one of-a-kind pieces.

We might have a fabric or a type of crystal that we only use on one dress. If I buy a print I will buy only enough for one dress and if someone else wants to order something in that print then I will create something completely different to keep integrity within the brand. All our gowns are crafted and draped by hand, so there is no pattern to duplicate.

WM: How would you like your brand to evolve in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years I would like to have Couture and Ready to Wear lines for evening gowns as well as a practice wear line for the dance studios to brand themselves. The future of our company will grow in the real world as well as the ballroom world.

WM: How would you describe your creations in 5 words?

Classic lines, form-fitting, luxurious feel.

WM: Which designers have influenced you the most?

DS: When I was a teenager, Dianne Von Furstenberg was my idol. Now my favorite designers are Marchesa. Valentino, Versace, Alexander McQueen and Elie Saab. I am inspired by their use of unique materials and that they use layers and intricate construction in their gowns.

WM: What’s the aspect of being a fashion designer that you enjoy the most?

DS: I get to make women feel beautiful.

WM: Do you have any secrets for success that Women’s Mafia members could learn from?

DS: Get up every morning and try to be better than you were yesterday: more creative, more inventive. I use Seth Gordon’s book Purple Cow as a reference. Every gown needs to be extraordinary and worth talking about.

For more on Dawn Smart and Dore Designs visit www.doredesigns.com and “like” them on Facebook to stay abreast of their latest designs http://www.facebook.com/DoreDesigns.

Kim Kalesti of “Kimistry and The Living Museum” at Zinc Bar

Art Exploits music Nightlife Performing Arts Talent

Kim Kalesti
With Pianist John DiMartino and Bassist Marcos Varela
The Zinc Bar
Wednesday, March 21st at 7pm for one set
82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan) Greenwich Village, NYC

Singer, composer and jazz legend Kim Kalesti has a long-standing reputation for her beautiful vocal tone, fine phrasing and intelligent storytelling. A young Kim Kalesti captured the attention of New York City’s jazz scene in the early 1980’s. Her list of accomplishments would blossom even more from recording and performing in clubs and Jazz festivals with jazz greats including Kenny Barron, Eddie Gomez, Joe Williams, Dave Leibman and Clark Terry, to name a few. Now in the prime of her memorable career she has been invited to perform for and with Dizzy Gillespie, Tony Bennett, Billy Eckstine, Carmen McCrae, Jack Jones and George Clinton. There is something magical about listening to a seasoned performer such as Kim Kalesti, who has dedicated her life to her artistry.

Kim Kalesti, accompanied by Pianist John DiMartino and Bassist Marcos Varela will work her musical magic at the famous New York Jazz Club, The Zinc Bar, on Wednesday March 21st at 7pm.

On the New York scene Grammy Nominated pianist and arranger John Di Martino has established a reputation as an adaptable, respected straight-ahead jazz player, a sensitive and sought-after accompanist of singers, and a brilliant Latin jazz keyboard artist.

Bassist Marcos Varela at 18 was recognized by the Houston jazz scene as one of the top honorees of the NFAA International Jazz award, IAJE Clifford Brown / Stan Getz All- Star and later a member of the Prestigious Kennedy Centers Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program. A graduate of New School University on scholarship, Varela quickly established himself as an important part of the New York and World music scene.

“Kimistry and The Living Museum




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