Wondershow: For a Night Of The Unexpected!

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Get Ready for WONDERSHOW
Featuring an extraordinary line up of the city’s hottest magicians and variety acts.
Nov. 22nd, Doors 7pm, $15. 21 and over
Galapagos Art Space 16 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY (DUMBO)

Developed by award-winning producer Patrick Terry, don’t miss the mind-blowing illusions of rising star RYAN DUTCHER (MTV), the exquisite sleight of hand of New York’s own DAVID SCHWARTZ, and the inspiring miracles of international sensation ANDREW GOLDENHERSH  (The Magic Castle), & much more! See a video teaser here.

Illusionist Ryan Dutcher in NYC
Aurora Black

Presented exclusively at DUMBO’s gorgeous Galapagos Art Space, WONDERSHOW is an experience like no other – and will showcase the best in underground performers as well as established professionals, like the incredible ASI WIND, a recent winner of the Merlin Award for “Most Innovative Show” – an honor whose previous recipients include Penn & Teller, Criss Angel, and David Copperfield. In addition to being one of the world’s most acclaimed mentalists, Asi also served as an advisor on David Blaine’s new TV special and recently wrapped a sold out run of his hit show Concert of the Mind.

The line up will also include a special appearance by FRANCIS MENOTTI, known far and wide as one of the most respected entertainers working today. As well as spellbinding burlesque by New York City’s naughtiest ballerina, AURORA BLACK. WONDERSHOW’s creator, Patrick Terry will serve as the Master of Ceremonies chaperoning the night’s spirit of all things astounding and confounding.

Producer and Magic Man himself, Patrick Terry

Like nothing you expect and everything you imagine, this unique variety experience, continues to be the city’s most exciting destination for magic, mischief & mystery.

TALENT: Q&A with Jayne Amelia Larson, Playwright and Star of DRIVING THE SAUDIS

Art Exploits Performing Arts Talent

DRIVING THE SAUDIS is an extremely engaging and entertaining one-woman show based on Jayne Amelia Larson’s real life experience as a chauffeur for a family of Saudi Royals visiting Beverly Hills for 7 weeks of shopping and plastic surgery.

“It’s a story that sounds almost too incredible—the kind you’d eavesdrop in on at a restaurant. ‘The worst job I ever had,’ is how actress Jayne Amelia Larson describes being a chauffeur in Beverly Hills. Not just an ordinary chauffeur. But a driver for vacationing Saudi royalty.” – Memphis Commercial Appeal

Enjoy our exclusive Q&A with Jayne Amelia Larson below and book tickets ASAP for her March 29th and 30th performances at Galapagos before they sell out!

WM: Your play Driving The Saudi’s plays on some heavy themes regarding the subjugation of women, how has the experience changed or informed your view in terms of American pop culture?
JAL: I was struck by the fact that all the young Saudi women (as well as most of the African, Arab, and Pilipino servants of the family) are obsessed with American pop culture. They know all the top songs, newest fashions, latest limited edition sneakers, what new movie is out (always PG-13 or lower, they’re not allowed to see R movies) and who’s starring in it, the name of Paris Hilton’s favorite accessory dog (her Chihuahua Tinkerbell), etcetera. At home in their own country, they can’t explore and experiment the way we’re free to do here and they just absorb as much of our culture as they can. Their life at home is so terribly confining, no movie cinemas, no concerts, no plays, nothing that’s a shared experience.  It’s made me look with a new appreciation of how we live—being exposed to the creation of new things every day and the freedom to be the creator as well. We have so many choices and so much opportunity. Recently a 13 year-old Saudi girl was sentenced to 90 lashes in front of her classmates for being caught with a mobile camera phone in school. Phones are forbidden in the girls’ schools because it’s one the few ways young men and women can communicate. They share pictures and music and ideas, just like kids do here but they get whipped for it. And in the USA we celebrate Lady Gaga… thank goodness.
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