Women’s Mafia Exclusive: Fun Opportunity to Meet Mr. Right…

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On Sunday July 18th from 11:30am and 6pm the ladies of the Women’s Mafia will have an exclusive opportunity to experience the personalized attention and expertise of an elite NYC Matchmaker and get a complimentary headshot and full-body shot.

Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette is an elite full service matchmaking agency in NYC led by one of the most prominent leaders in the industry, Suzanne K. Oshima, Matchmaker & Founder.  Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette’s clients are the most eligible attractive bachelors who are highly educated and financially successful.

Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette is offering the sophisticated ladies of The Women’s Mafia an exclusive invitation to become a VIP Member of Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette.  As a VIP Member, you will be entitled to the following complimentary services:

•         Introductions to our Dream Bachelors
•         Private invitations to exclusive parties & events
•         Image consultation on your first date outfits
•         Professional photography (head & full length shot)

VIP Membership is by invitation only.  Members of The Women’s Mafia can register at http://www.dreambachelor.com/vip (please enter VIP Code: Women’sMafia)

Once you’ve registered, a confirmation email from Miss Njeri Semaj will be sent to you within 24 hours to schedule your individual appointment with Suzanne. Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette is fully dedicated to working closely with you to take the roadblocks off the path to meeting the one.

Call Njeri Semaj at 347.452.1979 to RSVP for Sunday  or later this week.

Exclusive: Women’s Mafia TALENT Q&A with “Understanding Men” Guru Alison Armstrong

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By Marcy Clark

A few years ago a friend, who has happily been in a long term relationship for nearly ten years, was listening to me complain about not understanding the man I was dating, not feeling that things were moving forward and feeling overall confused about how to proceed. She told me straight: you need to take this class called “Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women.” She then proceeded to tell me some of the surprising things she had learned from the course – such as that shiny hair is one of the most attractive things about women to men (really?!?) or that men who are ready for a serious commitment can tell just by looking at a woman, literally, if she has most of the qualities that would make her a good mate and partner (don’t worry, you can learn to embody them more often!). I have been eager to take her first course ever since then, and finally signed up for it this May 26th and 27th in Tarrytown.

To prep for the course I interviewed the industrious, brilliant and insightful Alison Armstrong about some of the insights she has gained in her 20 years of researching men and women. Enjoy and sign up for a class or buy one of her books today! I read Making Sense of Men: A Woman’s Guide to a Lifetime of Love, Care and Attention from All Men in one sitting and my life will never be the same.

Women’s Mafia: A lot of New York women are always complaining that the men here don’t want to commit, they seem to be interminable bachelors. What can women look for to spot the non-phobic ones, or the ones that have zeroed-in on them?

Alison Armstrong: The thing they need to know is there are times when a man’s willingness to commit is not personal.  There are stages in a man’s life when a marriage commitment is not a possibility.  It is like trying to load the Halo video game program without enough memory on your computer.  Marriage is the biggest commitment a man can make next to fatherhood.  His life has to be in a particular place before he is going to be able to make a commitment.  That is regardless of how much he loves a woman.  Women think: “If he loved me more he would marry me.”  That is a mistake.

There is another side where a man’s willingness to commit is personal.  When I have asked men “Do you want to be married?” almost all say yes.  It is always followed by “When I meet the right person,” “If I meet the right person,” or “Hopefully, I’ll meet the right person.”  There are things that women do all the time that convince men that they are the wrong person – such as emasculating men all the time without even knowing it.

Women just dive in and hope that things will work, our desire is that strong.  The idea that men don’t want to get married is a myth.  It is just that what it takes for men to get married is different.  Men are much more realistic about marriage and what it takes to be happy in the long term.  If a man doesn’t want to marry you, then he is paying attention to something that is probably important: do you share the same values, do you give each other what you most need, and can you make each other happy?

Men have this idea that if two people can’t give each other what they need, they shouldn’t be together.  This idea is strange to women who go without what they need someone who can’t give them what they need.  Men actually honor what they need.

WM: There is a lot of debate in the post-feminist era about who should be picking up the check at the end of dinner, and how to handle it – how can a modern woman best handle this without emasculating her date? What should the expectations be in the 21st century?

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Women’s Mafia Endorsed Designers Shauntele & Belabunda Showing Hamptons & Summer 2010 lines at Stone Rose

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Do you remember the gorgeous Fall/Winter 2010 collection of our “Are You Runway Ready?” 2010 winner Shauntele?

She is showing her new Summery looks for 2010/2011 alongside Belabunda Bikinis Summer 2010 collection, which was recently featured in Sports Illustrated. It is a perfect time to start picking out your Hamptons Wardrobe! (Have you reserved your weekends at our Hampton’s House yet?)

Our first 5 members to RSVP get comp tickets to this very high-end and sure-to-be-fun event!

Will we see you this Saturday May 1st at 9pm? RSVP to Marcy@womensmafia.com Continue reading

Another Chance to Run for Prom Queen: FashionIndie & Women’s Mafia host PROM 2010

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Do you still have Tiara envy? Do you wish you had gotten laid on Prom night?
It’s not too late!

Next Saturday May 8th we are co-hosting PROM 2010 with FashionIndie Magazine and that means that you get a chance to relive or reinvent your glory days! This time with better music, better hair and – best-of-all – an Open Bar to get the evening started off right!

Get your tickets here and rsvp to Marcy@womensmafia.com so we can save the last dance for you!
Tickets starting at only $20 stag and $30 for couples.

Talent: Q&A with Thalia Michel, Make-up Diva

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By Saira Toppin

Meet Thalia Michel, one of our makeup artists for “Leather & Lace”. I have known her for years. She even showed me how to put on my make-up for prom. I think that was the first time I ever wore the stuff. Thalia is a woman who loves bright colors and is not afraid to show it. Her love for make-up began in high school and she has been freelancing for about ten years now. She is a MAC Certified Makeup Artist and Product Specialist. She has started her makeup artistry business and has been busy working on models, designers, and artists like Fantasia. Thalia believes in the three B’s: Everyone should have their face Beat with Brushes while enhancing their Beauty.

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Simmering with Samantha: Bloomberg’s on Mushrooms???

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By Samantha Hew, Founder of Hewmour Catering

No, I’m sure Michael Bloomberg is drugfree (wink). The truth is we (Hewmour Catering) received a request to cater for an event from the Mayor (Michael R. Bloomberg) of the City of New York. This was my honor, but to hear him give a shout out to our catering company (Hewmour Catering) in front of 500 guests was super dope! So glad he didn’t mispronounced the company’s name.

Catering for any events, big or small, has always been stressful especially on the day of. What if something terrible happened in the kitchen, what if I got sick on that day, and most importantly, what if our guests HATE our food? The list goes on. But for this particular event, we were more than confident. We had done a tasting with the chef of the Gracie Mansion prior to the event. He loves all the hors d’oeuvres we made, but the clear winner is the balsamic mushrooms baked in wonton skin cups! Mushrooms have an earthy flavor, especially when cooked with other fresh herbs. I love mushrooms and to add a bit texture to it, we decided to put the delicious mushrooms goodness in crunchy baked wonton skin cups. Mmm…tastes like heaven!

Bloomberg loved it tonight and that alone makes me a very happy person! I am proud to share this recipe with my loyal readers. Want to impress someone on your next party? Try this, email me for directions!


Portobello Mushrooms
Yellow Zuchinni
tomato paste
Lemon zest and its juice
Reduced fig or regular balsamic
Salt & Pepper to taste

Wonton Skin – cut into a round shape that fits in a small muffin pan

Women’s Mafia TALENT profile of Samantha Hew

Our Jewelry Designer For the Women’s Mafia Fashion Week Events: Lisa Linhardt

Design Fashion Fashion Week Shopping & Acquisitions

By Marcy Clark

You may remember Lisa Linhardt from her TALENT profile with us a few months ago. She has been busy at work creating new and unforgettable socially conscious pieces, several of which we featured in our Women’s Mafia Fashion Shows on February 9th and February 17th. Enjoy the photos and visit her incredibly gorgeous and hip shop at 156 1st Avenue, near 9th.  She’s a priceless gem!

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Images From NYC Fashion Week Feb 2010

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by Rick Weaver, for Women’s Mafia and Icon-Americana

I recently had the opportunity to hang with the ladies of Women’s Mafia during my first ever Fashion Week at Bryant Park. Below are just a few of the photos. The fashion shows themselves were amazing, but what I will remember most is the energy inside the tents, which was electric! I’m glad I was able to experience it before NYC Fashion Week takes its show on the road to Lincoln Center in the fall. Continue reading