‘’Death by Paparazzi’’ Sheila Frank’s Fall 2010 Collection

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By Linda Hastrich

Celebrities are stalked by paparazzi on a daily basis. Sheila Frank used this as a theme for her Fall 2010 presentation.

As soon as we walked in the space, we were struck by the red and creamy beige tones. These were the main colors of the clothes. The secondary colors were black and white.

The theme of Stalking and Death was very evident in the back of one of the model’s shirts, where Frank artfully created blood splashes. Both on the clothes as on the shoes Sheila played with the idea of little square diamonds.  Her silhouettes featured a lot of high waists for the skirts/shorts. Most of the clothes accentuate the female form. The shoes of the models were open toe black leather heels or cream/black color with the little square diamonds.

To complete the theme Sheila left on the ground ‘’crime’’ fashion pictures, an unfolded roll of film and doctors gloves with blood splashes. Above these attributes hung a line with pictures held by pegs also with blood splashes.

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Souls4Souls: Haiti Fundraiser at Shoegasm SOHO Saturday Feb. 20th

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Our good friends at Shoegasm, our shoe sponsor for our NY Fashion Week Events,  is partnering with Soles4Souls and they’re hosting an awesome Haitian cultural celebration THIS SATURDAY February 20th from 12pm-5pm at Shoegasm’s Soho location! The event will have live Haitian music from musician Tiga Jean-Baptiste, mouth-watering traditional Haitian food and drink from Chen Bakery and even a exhibit by artist Igor Mecklembourg! You can even donate some of your unwanted shoes! Why not enjoy free food and music all while supporting a great cause?

Location: 383 Broadway, NYC

Fashion Wars: Christian Dior vs. Rupert Sanderson / Karl Lagerfeld Inspirations

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By Rick Weaver,

Never bring a weak shoe to a style fight.  At your next throwdown, consider packing two name-engraved plates or a battle ax.  Choose your fall 2009 accessories – and associated fashion inspirations— accordingly.


Inspiring the Rupert Sanderson/Karl Lagerfeld design, or so the re-telling goes, is the petite Parisian chick, strutting casually one day through Chez Georges.  She is carefree, prone to doing things to cause a stir.  (Why else would one bring an ax to a social gathering?).  You must respect the game though because her style is fierce.  In this style showdown, she is the #1 Contendress. Continue reading

Legends of the Fall: Bottega Veneta T-bars

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by Rick Weaver

Velvet is back for the fall. These Bottega Veneta t-bars are the ones that started it all: No, not velvet as a fashion trend. But my initial realization of the swooning effect that designer heels can have on the modern woman.

I had a crush on someone at the time. I can tell this because I was willing to challenge a dating convention admonishing a man from buying a woman shoes. But, these were not shoes. When a normally cool, sophisticated woman shouts “Wow” after catching sight of a Bottega Veneta design in a fashion magazine, and then melts like ice-cream into silence, then that “shoe” merits elevation to legendary status. And, that was the case here.

bottega veneta6

I offered to help acquire the purplish candy t-bars, but she protested (mildly) that such heroism would be too much. However, the daze on her face as she stared at the embroidered heel – not once lifting her eyes from the magazine – also suggested she really agonized over what ultimately was that same final decision.  It was also the first time I came to really appreciate how something like “shoes” could cause a woman to experience symptoms of exhilaration, giddiness, and utter confusion. I thought that was just us men…


“Here, Kitty” Rupert Sanderson Winona Leopard-Print Pumps

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by Rick Weaver

Whether lurking in Gotham’s concrete jungles or prowling the paths of Washington’s untamed corridors, get pursued like precious prey in these leopard-print Winona pumps by British designer Rupert Sanderson.

Or, so you say you’ve already been captured? And you are all dressed up for a Friday night out with the girls in these leopard wears. Ok, Ms. Cat Woman. Be prepared to be more than fashionably tardy for the party when your Big Game Hunter lays a trap between you and the door.

You’ve been warned…

Rupert Sanderson Winona Leopard-Print Pumps