Parameter of Fashion: Fall/Winter Collections & TALENT Interview

Fashion Shopping & Acquisitions Talent

By Saira Toppin

Fall Fashion is in full bloom. Thus far, we have experienced 80 degree temperature, tornado-like weather, and even hail. However, winter will roll around before we know it. But, while we still have time, boost up your closet with some hip clothing by Sine.

Laila, a feature line of Sine, has an inspiring collection of dresses that look better than what I have seen in a while. They are perfect for multiple events including cocktail parties, dinners, auctions, etc. The dark dresses work best for evening events, which makes at least one Laila dress an essential part of any Women’s Mafia reader’s closet. These dresses make you look hot and chic, yet classy, announcing that you know exactly what you want.

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Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2011

Art Design Fashion Fashion Week Shopping & Acquisitions

By Saira Toppin

As usual, Betsey Johnson comes back season after season with eye popping fashion that is sure to turn heads and have you wanting more. But the underlying question is, where can you wear some of this clothing?

The Spring/Summer collection shouts out color, splash, and excitement. Themed parties that call for eccentricity, originality, and panache would be ideal.

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Leifsdottir Spring/Summer 2011

Events Fashion Fashion Week Shopping & Acquisitions

By Saira Toppin

Urban Outfitters is doing exceptional work with their retail brand, Leifsdottir, which is sold in Anthropologie. The new collection is quite earthy and natural.

Designer Johanna Uurasjavi says the influence for this season was her recent trip to the Amazon. One can see the presence of the Amazon in the snake skin skirts, butterfly patterned dresses, and pangolin-like blazers.

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‘’Death by Paparazzi’’ Sheila Frank’s Fall 2010 Collection

Design Exploits Fashion Fashion Week Shopping & Acquisitions

By Linda Hastrich

Celebrities are stalked by paparazzi on a daily basis. Sheila Frank used this as a theme for her Fall 2010 presentation.

As soon as we walked in the space, we were struck by the red and creamy beige tones. These were the main colors of the clothes. The secondary colors were black and white.

The theme of Stalking and Death was very evident in the back of one of the model’s shirts, where Frank artfully created blood splashes. Both on the clothes as on the shoes Sheila played with the idea of little square diamonds.  Her silhouettes featured a lot of high waists for the skirts/shorts. Most of the clothes accentuate the female form. The shoes of the models were open toe black leather heels or cream/black color with the little square diamonds.

To complete the theme Sheila left on the ground ‘’crime’’ fashion pictures, an unfolded roll of film and doctors gloves with blood splashes. Above these attributes hung a line with pictures held by pegs also with blood splashes.

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Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2010 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Fashion Fashion Week Shopping & Acquisitions

By Saira Toppin

Isaac Mizrahi’s Spring collection features a bevy of satin and ruffles. The Women’s Mafia loves it.


Mizrahi  highlights traditional Spring pastels while including other colors in the spectrum. The yellows, greens, and pinks remind one of a beautiful Easter morning, but instead of eggs and bunnies, there are sharp-edged, sleeveless blouses and flowing, belted skirts. By adding big ruffles, big puffs, and long beads, the buyer will see more than just clothes this upcoming spring. The line enables women to step out of the box and be different, while still presenting themselves with an air of class and finesse. The spring collection also includes gorgeous black-tie gowns and attire, edgy blazers, and everything in between.

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Donna Karan Spring 2010 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Events Fashion Fashion Week

by Saira Toppin


Donna Karan’s Spring 2010 show sticks to a determined color palette. It expands its collection by presenting pieces in various shades of a few colors. I think come Spring that this collection will make getting ready in the morning quite a bit more fun. This year we see sheer grays, solid whites, and bold reds. The sheer grays provide a peek of what’s underneath, while the solid whites leave everything to the imagination, but the bold reds…you make that decision. Continue reading