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Fashion & Culture Editor, Saira Toppin

Saira Toppin is psyched to be a part of the Women’s Mafia. With plenty of experience in event planning and working with women’s groups, Saira knows what it is like to juggle many clients at once. Having worked with cultural organizations, public speakers, DJs, and others alike, producing a great event is what she does best. She enjoys participating in activities that are fun, cool, and make a difference in her New York City community and abroad. Saira will be adding her two-cents on exciting happenings in the city, eco-friendly fashion craves, and book reviews.

rickWeaverFashion Columnist, Rick Weaver

Rick Weaver was discovered by “La Madrina” for his keen eye for designer fashion and appreciation of how stylish clothing can make a woman feel, especially when it comes down to her shoes. As the grandchild of a professional seamstress — and the offspring of a former model and city architect — Rick was destined to tell the world about custom-designed silhouettes being strutted down the fashion runway. Banker by day and style writer for play, Rick lives and works in NYC, the setting which provides daily inputs to his fashion inspirations.