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Daydreaming about next week…

By May 9, 2009October 19th, 2009No Comments3 min read

I think I have swine flu. Except, probably not because I don’t have a fever and I do have an appetite. I do have a cold at least, and staying in all day is having me daydream about what to do next week when I feel better! Here are a few things I’m considering:

Happy Hour at The Dove Parlour on Wednesday Night
228 Thompson St., nr. 3rd St.
My friend Clarissa loves this place, and it definitely helps that we can walk there from our apartments. Happy Hour DAILY with yummy $6 drinks from 4-8pm. Enough said.

Penny’s Open Mic on Tuesday Night
Penny hosts New York’s most popular and yet inclusive Open Mike in town every Tuesday at 9pm at Theatre Under St. Marks and this Tuesday all proceeds benefit NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault. Pre-show sign-up by lottery . 7 minutes maximum per act. 5 hours of art only $3.00

Later on Wednesday – After Work Party and Charity Event
From 7 PM To 10 PM at Overlook Lounge – 44 Street between 2nd & 3rd Ave
My friend and party co-conspiritor David Shapiro is hosting this event so I know it will be a good crowd and 100% of amounts donated will go directly to finding a cure for Chrones and Colitis! RSVP at

Gym & Rehearsal for my Improv Group on Thursday Night – Best city views and nicest people of any gym ever. Seriously! I mean, who plugs their gym?? – My improv group performs every 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursday at Theatre Under St. Marks. People seem to like us and we have developed a non-creepy cult following.
Cocktails and Dinner on Friday Night
Thinking Lesly Bernard’s new place Mr. Jones. My friend, fellow PR and fab inspirational speaker Gabby Bernstein, introduced me to his groovy comfort food restaurant / sleek bar Tillmans, where I came back for my birthday party earlier this year and my friend Sara Clemence, the founder of the surpisingly fun, introduced me to his gorgeous new cocktail lounge and Yakatori restaurant Mr. Jones. And this week I virtually met Mr. Bernard himself so hopefully we can connect for a cocktail soon.
Gallery Night in Soho on Saturday
I need to check out the latest show at Russian Art Gallery Mimi Ferzt, where my exquisite friend Rene Melchor is one of the gallerists. Their new show As Seen In Black and White looks very dark, sinister and intriguing.
Brunch on Sunday
I’m hoping I can catch up with my brother and some friends I’m missing seeing recently – like Larisa, Lisa Jaycox and Njeri Semaj. My favorite choices of late are Essex ( or Tre ( in the Lower East Side for a boozy brunch, Perry Street for a fancy, gourmet brunch ( or ‘Snice, my favorite local hang in the West Village, for a healthy veggie brunch.
Perry Street is now offering $24 three course lunches or brunches

Perry Street is now offering $24 three course lunches or brunches