ICONS event images by Marc Deliz
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Thank you Marc Deliz for your incredible images capturing our ICONS Gala to benefit ReachWithin.org! Marc, a NY actor, photographer and artist, is working on his first book of Magical Realism photographs. Check him out, …

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popular trends, especially in style or dress


a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the senses.


social activities or entertainment available at night in a city


the expression or application of human creative skill or imagination


a natural aptitude or skill

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Hot Happenings and Cool Locations for this Weekend!

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First of all, there is a top secret Women’s Mafia event for members this Saturday night. You can sign up at “Join the Mafia” and then RSVP to marcy@womensmafia.com to get the address…


There are also some other fun adventures to be had in and around the city this weekend:

Water Taxi Beach is officially open!


Zip Car has a very cool $75 credit for people who sign up now. I’m not sure how long it lasts, but I embraced my love of the open road last week and it worked! Try “SpringNY”. These are some of the places I’m planning on visiting:

Woodstock, New York

Chill, relaxed bohemian perfection. Need I say more?




The North Fork of Long Island

I have a Hamptons share for four weekends this summer but I still have never been to the North Fork! I envision a lovely, romantic drive through the trees and then winding through the vineyards and stopping at one or two for a tasting and some delicious local cuisine…

Or a silly, raucous trip with my girls that includes lots of off-key singing and wine-induced giggling, whichever comes first!
(Oh, and please have a Designated Driver ladies!)


 This is another transportation option...

This is another transportation option...


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