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Hot Happenings and Cool Locations for this Weekend!

By May 28, 2009September 27th, 2009No Comments1 min read

First of all, there is a top secret Women’s Mafia event for members this Saturday night. You can sign up at “Join the Mafia” and then RSVP to to get the address…


There are also some other fun adventures to be had in and around the city this weekend:

Water Taxi Beach is officially open!


Zip Car has a very cool $75 credit for people who sign up now. I’m not sure how long it lasts, but I embraced my love of the open road last week and it worked! Try “SpringNY”. These are some of the places I’m planning on visiting:

Woodstock, New York

Chill, relaxed bohemian perfection. Need I say more?




The North Fork of Long Island

I have a Hamptons share for four weekends this summer but I still have never been to the North Fork! I envision a lovely, romantic drive through the trees and then winding through the vineyards and stopping at one or two for a tasting and some delicious local cuisine…

Or a silly, raucous trip with my girls that includes lots of off-key singing and wine-induced giggling, whichever comes first!
(Oh, and please have a Designated Driver ladies!)


 This is another transportation option...

This is another transportation option...