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2 Weeks to NY Fashion Week: How to Cut A Great Figure

By August 28, 2009September 28th, 2009No Comments4 min read

by Cat “Gold” Manturuk

Don’t be weak for Fashion Week!  New York Fashion Week is closing near and keeping that defined figure is a must!  It is easy to keep that workout routine strong during those pre-summer beach months.  However, now it is time to up your game!   I want you to feel your best as you grace the Bryant Park tents and the many hot spots for fashion week’s after hour parties.  It is important you focus on strong legs, core, and firm arms!  Nothing feels better than putting on those spanking new pumps knowing that your legs have been chiseled with craft!  The following workout routine is something I use to get that cut figure fairly fast!


With the outdoor weather still at it’s best.  Try this out!!!
Remember to put on a good pair of running shoes and make sure you have had plenty of H20!

1.)  Depending on your workout out style, briskly WALK OR JOG for 15-20 minutes taking time out about halfway through for light warm-up stretches!

2.)  Locate a bench, and perform 15-20 reps of single leg STEP UPS.  repeat with the other leg.  It is crucial that the knee tracks over your toe alignment!

3.)  On the end of the bench, perform FAN KICKS….clockwise and counter clockwise.  This helps work the hips and also focuses on balance!

4.)  SQUAT JUMPS (Forward and Back) Beginner level stay on flat surface, intermediate level find a regular size step…Perform 10 repetitions focusing on landing toe, ball, heel to protect your joints!


5.)  CORE TIME!  On a bench, lay on your back, reach legs up in air trying to shoot for 90’ in your hip angle.  If you don’t have great flexibility, it is okay to allow your knees to bend slightly.  Now by exhaling and pulling your lower abs down into the bench, allow this action to push hips up and into the air.   It is okay to hold onto the bench underneath for added support.  However, it is essential that the lower back stays in neutral alignment when it comes back to surface!  Do this 20 times.

6.)  SHOULDER PLANK Put arms straight out on the seat of a bench.  Maintaining your back in neutral alignment, alternate your knees reaching to your opposite armpit .  Do this 30 times, targeting your oblique.

7.)  Pilates 1/2 or Full Roll-Up…on a Patch of grass 10 times. Laying on your back with arms and legs stretched at their fullest length. Inhale, allow arms to float to the sky slowly, then exhale and scoop out the belly 1/2 way up by taking the shoulder blades off the grass.  Finish the repetition by slowly returning back to where you started.  Advanced version, shoot for Full Roll-Up.  However, this should only be executed with a smooth quality.  If you find you need to yank yourself up, your abdominal muscles are not ready.  When doing the full roll-up, focus on the lowering portion of the exercise. You want to come down vertebrae by vertebrae, smoothly and slowly.


8.)  Modified or full, PLANK TO PUSH-UP position…10 times with the right arm leading, 10 with left arm leading…sequence is forearm (down), forearm (down), up, up.  Make sure back is always in neutral alignment!

9.)  DOWNWARD DOG TRICEP PUSH-UP to the ground , 10-20 times.  With hips piked into the air, allow both forearms to try and reach to the ground.  It is important that while doing this you keep the belly and ribcage zipped up!

10.)  Take a child’s pose stretch and a moment to breathe. Now, quickly roll over to your back side for either DOUBLE OR SINGLE LEG BRIDGES in neutral spine, targeting last but not least, the buttocks.  If you feel it in the lower back you are doing something incorrectly!  A bridge is performed with the feet planted into the floor with knees at 90’.  To initiate the movement, exhale and drive through the heels, finding engagement in the buttocks, inhale to lower down, and repeat, 15-20 repetitions.

REPEAT 8, 9, 10

Take a 10 minute cool down stretch at the end. This exercise program can be done 3 times a week with a day of cardiovascular exercise on the opposite days.

CAT “Gold” MANTURUK is a movement specialist.  She works as a personal trainer, wellness consultant, professional dancer, artistic director and choreographer.  She thrives on movement.  Her workouts are thorough yet time flies!  Cat holds a  BS in exercise science, BFA in dance, and American College of Sports Medicine health and fitness specialist certification.  She has worked in medically-based fitness centers to top notch gyms in Los Angeles and New York City.  Her fitness expertise has been in SHAPE magazine and network New York City’s CW 11.

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