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Stories from the Front: I Survived the Sex and the City II Extras Casting Call

By August 5, 2009September 27th, 2009No Comments2 min read

By Elisha Dang

Sex and the City Casting CallWhat started out as an idea to cover the story for the Women’s Mafia ended up as a fun-filled adventure through Chelsea’s Metropolitan Pavilion for the “Sextras” casting call. Dressed up in cute dresses and high heels, we took off for the event, which garnered lots of press coverage for the past few days, and waited in line for two hours with fashionistas from all over the tri-state area. SAG and non-SAG hopefuls waited in the heat, with powder puffs and lip gloss in hand, for the chance to make their way around the block to spend all of ten seconds in front of a table for a quick headshot.

We were smart and decided to arrive early. Not too early mind you, but early enough to skip the afternoon temps that topped 88 degrees in the Big Apple. Our friend, DJ Jamieson Hill, joined us on line, which was not that long and moved quickly. It stretched from the middle of 18th Street and Sixth Avenue around the block to the middle of 19th Street between Sixth and Seventh. Admittedly, crowd scanning was fun. People were either really dressed up or wearing ripped shorts and Birkenstocks.

The route was covered with photogs and press taking pictures and interviewing folks everywhere. This was definitely a marketer’s dream gathering and people could be seen all over the line handing out business cards and fliers. I think one of my favorite sightings was a cameraman on the ground filming shoes as they walked by.

Once we made it inside the Metropolitan Pavilion, the cattle pull began. Thousands made their way through crowds waiting to get through a small opening to yet another room to wait on another line. Thankfully it was a little cooler inside and by the time we made it through to have our picture taken, most of us were not suffering from the heat anymore. “Leave the building after your picture is taken!” we were told. And we did.

Overall it was a lot of fun and fingers-crossed one of the mafiosas will get a callback!