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Half-Way Through Fashion Week: Cat Gold Offers Her Top Tips for Keeping Your Energy Up!

By September 14, 2009October 19th, 2009No Comments3 min read

by Cat “Gold” Manturuk

Sprinting in High HeelsLights, camera, style, and class – fashion week is here and you are at your best.  It’s that time to shine with your fashion sense!  Hopefully, you have been keeping up with your fitness work-outs and ready to rock that outfit!  Your energy is buzzing with excitement for wondrous fashion shows and Women’s Mafia Fashion Week events.

As your adrenaline rises and you want to keep that rush, try these tricks and healthy choices to help  endure with glowing energy all week:
1.)  Make sure you have breakfast everyday.  Stoking your furnace early in the day helps your energy level keep steady.
2.)  If you know you are attending many events, consider packing some trail mix, a fruit,  small bag of cut vegetables and/or small nutrition bar (one approx. 200 calories and, with 9-10 g of protein, and 25-40 g.  chorbohydrates)
3.)  Early in the day, if you can get some type of fitness it will up your energy! Whether its an intense workout, yoga, light stretching, and or dancing to favorite tunes laying out your attire for the day;  this  will help center your mind and body. It will also help improve your posture  and length of your build to the top!
4.)  Happen to wear those pumps with class and funk? Try a series of 2-4 sets of 15 reps of calf raises both double and single along with nice long calf stretches held for at least 30 sec. to a minute. This will  help those ankle muscles feel sturdy and strong to waltz through the tents.
5.)  Need a jolt?  Well the best jolt can actually be that water.  Many times we are more dehydrated then we realize.  And sometimes, if you forget to drink enough all day, it is never too late to get it in before you go to sleep, especially for another exciting day at fashion week. At least 8 cups per day recommended for females.

Be careful with signs and symptoms of dehydration, including.

•    Excessive thirst
•    Fatigue
•    Headache
•    Dry mouth
•    Little or no urination
•    Muscle weakness
•    Dizziness
•    Lightheadedness

Look for an upcoming announcement about Cat’s Women’s Mafia fitness bootcamp – this Fall she is going to be whipping some Women’s Mafia members into the best shape of their lives!

CAT “Gold” MANTURUK is a movement specialist.  She works as a personal trainer, wellness consultant, professional dancer, artistic director and choreographer.  She thrives on movement.  Her workouts are thorough yet time flies!  Cat holds a  BS in exercise science, BFA in dance, and American College of Sports Medicine health and fitness specialist certification.  She has worked in medically-based fitness centers to top notch gyms in Los Angeles and New York City.  Her fitness expertise has been in SHAPE magazine and network New York City’s CW 11.