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Live From The Tent: The Mafiosas Will Be At New York Fashion Week

By September 3, 2009February 12th, 2010No Comments1 min read

We got our press passes for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! There will be no rest for the weary as we will be hosting our Fashion Show & Fashion Week Kick-Off Party on Sept. 9th and then spending the ensuing week in and out of the tents at Bryant Park.

Will we be covering your show?

AP/Richard Drew

AP/Richard Drew

We will be covering not just the Spring/Summer 2010 trends that we see on the runway or the VIP’s in the front row, but the way that they will make a woman feel when she owns them. Or how that perfectly cut men’s suit sets our hearts aflutter. The members and readers of the Women’s Mafia aren’t just fans of fashion, we are collectors with a higher calling.

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Also, contact us for a meeting after hours at FashionIndie’s Blogger lounge (Inc Lounge), where we will be filing several of our stories.