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Legends of the Fall: Bottega Veneta T-bars

By October 6, 2009October 7th, 2009No Comments1 min read

by Rick Weaver

Velvet is back for the fall. These Bottega Veneta t-bars are the ones that started it all: No, not velvet as a fashion trend. But my initial realization of the swooning effect that designer heels can have on the modern woman.

I had a crush on someone at the time. I can tell this because I was willing to challenge a dating convention admonishing a man from buying a woman shoes. But, these were not shoes. When a normally cool, sophisticated woman shouts “Wow” after catching sight of a Bottega Veneta design in a fashion magazine, and then melts like ice-cream into silence, then that “shoe” merits elevation to legendary status. And, that was the case here.

bottega veneta6

I offered to help acquire the purplish candy t-bars, but she protested (mildly) that such heroism would be too much. However, the daze on her face as she stared at the embroidered heel – not once lifting her eyes from the magazine – also suggested she really agonized over what ultimately was that same final decision.  It was also the first time I came to really appreciate how something like “shoes” could cause a woman to experience symptoms of exhilaration, giddiness, and utter confusion. I thought that was just us men…