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Q&A with Engie Hassan: Our Fashion Show Stylist Forecasts Fall/Winter 2010’s Must Haves

By February 11, 2010February 3rd, 2017No Comments3 min read

by Marcy Clark

Engie Hassan, our wonderful stylist for the Women’s Mafia Fashion Week Shows on Feb. 9th and 17th has offered to share her insights on Fall/Winter’s 2010’s top trends and also what pieces we can and should hold on to for years to come.

Engie Hassan, Marcy Clark

Women’s Mafia: We are very excited that you are styling the Women’s Mafia Fashion Week events this year! What elements of the shows are you most excited for the Press and Women’s Mafia members to see?

Engie Hassan: It’s always exciting to see fresh talent, and I am grateful to be a part of a team that provides a platform, literally and figuratively, from which fresh talent may emerge.

At this seasons event I am most excited for the press and Women’s Mafia members to have the opportunity to see the designers’ talent and hard work coming to life. Their collections are works of art and will leave the audience inspired and wanting more.

WM: What are some of the trends that you forecast seeing this Fashion Week?

EH: We will be seeing a lot of feminine touches, embellished accents, sleek shaped dresses, soft transparency, sheer blush frocks, soft draping and a lot of timeless pieces.

WM: What trends and style innovations are we seeing in the European Shows?

EH: Fashion as a whole maybe moving away from the hard-edged look, but a lot of the style innovations that I recently saw in the European Couture shows still had that attitude. There was a lot of “Lady Gaga” inspired collections.

While couture is always on a level of its own, the most classic designers like Emporio Armani dove into more theatrical and futuristic pieces.

Irina Beluzerkovskaya in Ardistia

Taking away the props of the attire, I am seeing more lady like and immaculate timeless classic pieces. From A-line skirts, wide leg pants to soft jacquard suits. The colors you will be seeing are more on the soft side of ivory’s and blushes.

WM: For those still on the recessionista plan, are there any recurring trends or classic looks from Fall/Winter ‘09 that we can make sure to hold on to for 2010?

EH: You should always hold onto all your basic and classic (investment) pieces and just update the look with statement pieces. You should definitely hold on to your sleek-shape dresses and pair with thin or wide belts or a tailored blazer..

WM: Are there any new Fall/Winter 2010 looks that you think a savvy shopper should avoid?

EH: I would advice shoppers to stay away from embellished techo-patterns and mixing prints and patterns in one look.

WM: Lastly, please share, what is the one item in your closet at home that you know you will never part with?

Engie Hassan and Friends

EH: If I had to choose one item in my closet that I know I will never part with it is my sea-island poplin wrap dress. This is a “don’t leave home without” for any weekend getaway. The dress is a safe basic and can be easily modified not only for each season of the year, but can be kept fresh with different accessories. A dress shouldn’t be worn for one season—you should be able to wear it year after year.

Engie Hassan, with her company EngieStyle, lends her highly-trained, well-respected eye to top brands, independent designers and individuals in New York, London, Europe, Miami and Saudi Arabia.