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Fashion Week Happenings: Fratelli Rossetti 2011 Illustrated by Rebecca Moses

By February 13, 2011No Comments3 min read
By Ms. Fabulous

MsFABulous was invited for an intimate preview of the Fratelli Rosetti’s 2011 Autumn/Winter collection, hosted by  the renowned designer and illustrator, Rebecca Moses.   Rebecca told us the theme for her illustrations for the shoe collection was the “old mother goose who lived in a shoe” a classic English nursery tale. Rebecca’s illustrated girls are gorgeous, leap tall buildings in boots, play and well, do it all.

Ms. Moses’ created her world illustrations by associating a footwear piece with each city.  The fur boot was perfect for the cold mountains of China.  The green shoe was developed in her honor by the brand and represents her home city of New York...

Our sneak peek into the Fall season made us covet everything from soft fur high heel boots to the classic equestrian style riding boots with practical convertible pieces.  You can wear the same pair of boots as short ankle boots and add the calf piece to make it into classic riding boots. I loved this idea especially when shoe closet space is at a premium in tiny New York  apartments.

Fratelli Rossetti shoes are statement pieces that are made in Italy right outside of Milano.  The shoes stay on the shoe lasts ( the ‘dressform’ for shoes) for up to 4 days and are made from beautifully pebbled calf, suede and box calf leathers. The tanning produces rich, natural colors such as tan and chocolate browns but also, for the season, there are shots of burgundy, hunter green and teal added to the mix both for the girls and for the well groomed man in your life or at least, within your sight.

The men’s collection is equally luxe and fabulous. Soft, sumptuous leathers in pebbled grain calfs with washed skins range in shapes from the classic Oxford and Derby to the more rugged Balmoral boot. When I inquired about the craftsmanship of pieces, I found out that  each piece takes many hours to make depending on the style and complexity with sewing the uppers, stitching the linings, and adding welted details to the shoes.  The bottom soles come with classic leather soles to a mix of rubber and leather soles with an array of treatments to give it a flash of color or weathering.

As a shoe aficionado, I can definitely say these shoes are well made and will stand the test of time with tough New York  City pavements.
So, go on, be that fabulous woman from Rebecca’s chic illustrations with beautiful and well edited shoes who can stylishly  travel to Paris, New York, Hong Kong and beyond.