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Mik Cire FW 2011

By February 13, 2011March 4th, 2011No Comments1 min read

By Carlos Aparicio for Women’s Mafia

In Mik Cire Fall/Winter 2011, the conversely named menswear collection by Eric Kim, only two pieces were made in a different color other than black, white or grey. The two pieces were both exciting red leather jackets that would definitely add some spice to your closet.

Now, creating an entire collection using such a small range of colors is a big challenge because all the focus goes directly to the different materials and textures used, and the harmony that exists between them.
The way he managed to make every outfit interesting to look at was by contrasting various materials that you wouldn’t usually see together. Leather, fur, cashmere and wool are examples of the materials he incorporated into the pieces.
Accesories used to enhance the looks include chic black leather backpacks and scarves used as belts, proving Mr. Kim enjoys experimenting when it comes to his collections.
Photos by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Mercedez-Benz