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She’s The Way Summit December 1st

By November 13, 2012No Comments2 min read

My friend MacDella Cooper recently invited me to share her amazing new conference with Women’s Mafia members and readers!

“She’s The Way” is a global movement promoting, mentorship and education amongst the young women of Africa from the most oppressed and marginalized areas. The “She’s The Way” Summit is a gathering where extraordinary, real women will share their stories of personal and professional success with younger women who are trying to “find their way.”

The goal in creating this gathering is to foster understanding of life’s blueprint through moral courage, embracing internal beauty, finding the value in traditions, and becoming an active participant within the global women’s sphere.

The inaugural “She’s The Way” Summit is scheduled to be held on December 1st 2012 at Columbia University.  The event is free of charge and is expecting to up to 500 young women of African descent from all over the United States for this enriching, educational experience.

The Summit is organized by MacDella Cooper and Amanda Annan – and is sponsored by Soft Sheen Carson and Essence Magazine.


A tuition free boarding school for at risk and vulnerable children (espicially those who are orphaned and abandoned).

The MacDella Cooper Foundation (MCF)INC.

The MacDella Cooper Foundation (MCF) is a 501c3 international charitable organization dedicated to providing youth, especially orphans and abandoned children, with an education and the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. Our vision is to give as many Liberian children as possible the chance to escape the poverty cycle and grow in the nurturing environment of an MCF Academy, so that they can lead Liberia toward an economically strong and politically stable future