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ID Pop Shop Announces Holiday Shop! Nov 4-10

By October 26, 2013October 31st, 2013No Comments2 min read
Get a Jump on Holiday Shopping this Nov. 4-10 at Chelsea Market
10:30am – 7:30pm daily. 75 9th Avenue

Smart New Yorker’s can get a jump on holiday shopping with dreamy knits, jewel tones galore, hip accessories and fun statement pieces at ID Pop Shop in Chelsea Market. Curated by designer-entrepreneurs Barbara Wilkinson and Raoul Calleja, ID Pop Shop is beloved by fans of high quality, original jewelry, clothing and art.

Fan-favorite ID Pop Shop designers will be presenting amazing gift options such as outerwear by Sohung Designs, collectible glass tumblers and tees by Paste, memorable art gifts by LinePosters and Vernakular Photo Designs, precious gems featured in jewelry by Kimberlin Brown Jewelry, jewel tones in bright gold by Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry, and dozens more!
Kimberlin Brown Jewelry Starburst Earrings
Iwona Ludyga Design Bracelet
VERRIER Birthday Card

ID Pop Shop is successful in part because of how Wilkinson (of Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry), and Calleja (of Vernakular Photo Designs) curate the event, bringing together a wonderfully eclectic mix of brands. The huge success of the first Independent Designer Pop (ID Pop Shop) event in June 2011, paved the way for nearly 20 more shows in 2011 and 2012. From event to event the designers change, but the one constant is that the brands included are always fresh, exciting, and ones you won’t find just anywhere.
Designers chosen to participate know that they will be in good company because of the reputation of ID Pop Shop as the most upscale independent shopping experience in Manhattan. Wilkinson and Calleja strive to keep every aspect of ID Pop Shop tasteful and impeccable, they truly care about working with the designers, because they are designers too and these are their peers.

“Our aesthetic is fresh, fashion forward and refined,” says Wilkinson. The shows are extended time-frames as well, usually a week at a time, so that customers can actually come back during the run of the show. Professionals from Google, MLB and Food Network are a big fan base in the building; they stop by several times during the week and are loyal customers.

Having the events at Chelsea Market Event Space is a big advantage. Currently one of the most buoyant retail areas in Manhattan, in part due to the High Line and the revitalization of the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Market attracts a healthy combination of tourists, locals, and business people. Now that word of the events has grown, the show boasts wait lists of dozens of designers who wish to participate in ID Pop Shop.

Paste Poodle Glass

Sophia Costas Scarf

Vernakular Photo Designs NYC Sewer image Door Mat
Vale Jewelry Outerborough Ring
Sohung Designs Outerwear

Bag by Pamela Barsky

Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry