Venexiana Spring & Summer 2013 Collection NYFW

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By Marcy Clark with additional reporting by Constance Zheng

VENEXIANA’s new Spring/Summer 2013 collection shone like a shooting star during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. She used colorful crystalline tones and magnificent heavy silk for her gowns. Showcased radiant crystals under see through chiffon, giving the embellished gowns a look more mystical than loud. Her collection seemed inspired by ancient Rome at times, with toga like draping. At the same time, her glamorous draping was expertly fitted so as to accentuate a woman’s body perfectly. Oranges, milk whites, bloody reds and lake blues shone throughout… dresses fit for royalty with luxurious twinkle silk.

Other clever details included white jackets with black lace embellishment and pants that creating an exciting contrast with the evening gowns. As my assistant Constance said after her first Venexiana show during her first time at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week “It was like walking in a fashion milky way.”

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Shauntele Spring 2013 Collection NYFW

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By Constance Zheng from Women’s Mafia

Shauntele Spring 2013 Collection was inspired by the sunset. She mixes pastel colors with dark shades. The collection reminds us of the classic pattern making once used by Christian Dior. She features A-line silhouettes and a Rorschach pattern that the guests of her suite presentation at the Empire Hotel adored.

Luca Luca FW 2011

Design Fashion Fashion Week Shopping & Acquisitions

By Mariana L. of Ms. Fabulous

Autumn brights hit the runway at the Luca Luca show.  A palette of warm gold, fushia, rust were mixed with more dressy black, silver and white.  The silhouettes were flattering and ladylike.  The pants were slim, pencil skirts, demure blouses.  Evening looks included flowing floor length skirts. A few pieces were elegantly embroidered with beading along the neck or waistline.

Spotted in the front row: Supermodels Carol Alt, Irina Pataeva

Irina Shebayeva FW 2011

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By Tatyana Titkova for Women’s Mafia

New York City is arguably the fashion capital of the United States and the entire world. This season we are looking  forward to attend many leading designer’s Fashion Shows that are taking places all over the city. And the hottest two spots for them are in  Lincoln Center (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) and the historic Garment District near Bryant Park.

Irina Shebayeva made FW 2011 her debut last night in the Garment District. Inspiring is the first word that comes to mind. She used the concept of “modern warrior women in New York City” to express her vision. Her vision rings very true nowadays; this is the 21st century where the women have to be pretty tough and strong emotionally to rule this world.

Irina used a cold palette in  her collection, the white, black and gray colors dominated. Plus the the outfits were highly accessorized for true runway drama. There were also at least five different fabrications integrated into one outfit. She featured a lot of feather, leather and fur, which made the collection seem warm. The whole collection was very creative. The young designer applied “Birds” wings” silhouettes into her collection, so the audience had image of flying birds on the runway. It was very tactile and I fully appreciate the innovative thought processes that went into each creation. Irina Shebayeva’s entire collection was received as a great success and we are very much looking forward to the next one.

Women’s Mafia Endorsed Designers Shauntele & Belabunda Showing Hamptons & Summer 2010 lines at Stone Rose

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Do you remember the gorgeous Fall/Winter 2010 collection of our “Are You Runway Ready?” 2010 winner Shauntele?

She is showing her new Summery looks for 2010/2011 alongside Belabunda Bikinis Summer 2010 collection, which was recently featured in Sports Illustrated. It is a perfect time to start picking out your Hamptons Wardrobe! (Have you reserved your weekends at our Hampton’s House yet?)

Our first 5 members to RSVP get comp tickets to this very high-end and sure-to-be-fun event!

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TALENT: Q&A with Shauntele, As Seen In The Women’s Mafia Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2010

Fashion Fashion Week Shopping & Acquisitions Talent

By Marcy Clark

Shauntele Richardson is one of the winners of our “Are You Runway Ready?” contest and was featured in our Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Show at Tela Design Studio. Her line Shauntelé is deliciously feminine, luxuriously well-made, perfectly tailored and quite modern.

From her first design internship at Nikka to her experience tailoring for the likes of Jessica Simpson and Judy Reyes, Shauntele has developed a style ushering in a new phase of appreciation for the female form. The lines are flattering yet concealing as she strives to highlight a woman’s very best assets. Jorge Ramon, former fashion editor of Teen People, has called her collection “newsworthy,” while women in the know, such as Ivanka Trump, are taking note of this new fashion gem.

Enjoy our Q&A with Shauntele below and contact her to order from her Spring or Fall Collections!
Q: Where did you learn to design and how has your aesthetic evolved over time?
A: That’s the first question?! Of course I think I’m expected to name FIT or Parsons as an alma mater but the truth is that I’ve only taken one illustration class and one sewing course. The rest is self taught through internships, past work experience as well as guidance from family and friends. I pick up any little fragment of knowledge, continue collecting it and depositing in into a mental reservoir I carry with me everyday. As I persist my aesthetic becomes more true to the woman I see myself becoming: a wife,  a mother, an entrepreneur, a voice in the community. All of those roles are so common amongst all women, it comes across in my silhouettes that i am designing for them and I am confident in the direction I am headed.

Q: You are mostly a one woman show, how do you handle it all?
A: I have a lot of people rooting for me to make it and so willing to give of their own talents without pause. Honestly and gratitude, coupled with an almost unwavering loyalty, has equipped me with an unimaginable, invisible “line of credit” amongst my colleagues of the garment district. In my earlier days, assistants doubled as models and day jobs became a cover for my designer alter ego. I would stay absurdly late at the office to print everything from lookbooks to garment tags. I think the more I have to do the quicker my mind works to make it happen, in theory anyway. Besides, I have to handle it, I’ve got something to prove.

Q: When did you realize you could make your passion your career? Is designing in your blood?
A: When I saw someone making an awful mess of their own fashion label, I thought to myself I see what they are doing wrong and it takes less time to do it right. I began seeking out people in the fashion industry who were sincere, helpful and humble. I knew that fashion could be more than superficial, it could be extremely intellectual and empowering. In the end all I want is for a garment to enhance a person’s mood, their appearance and their confidence. The women in my family used to make all their own clothes and still recount wonderful stories of them stepping into a dance as a trio of sisters with the best outfits in the place. The mental image of the creativity, class and fun they must’ve had is something that always keeps me inspired.

Q: What energizes you? Where do you go to find new inspiration when designing a
new collection?
A: It almost never begins with a visual inspiration. First I seek out the music. In my head the the melodies begin to suggest bodies and colors. I later come across an artist like Tamara de Lempicka or Henri Rosseau who appear to embody the visual aesthetic of a song or genre I’ve recently discovered. In my teenage years I wanted to be a singer and would always put together outfits to help the audience understand me as an artist. Even till this day I want my appearance to give people a clear understanding of who I am. A picture is worth a thousand words, so why should we be afraid for people to judge us by our appearance?

Q: You are sponsored by the Garment Industry Development Corp with a space in Showroom New York, because you make your clothes in New York’s garment industry. Why do you feel it is important that the Garment Industry remain in Manhattan?
A: Showroom New York has played a huge role in my collection over the past year. The designers that make up the collective are dedicated to seeing one another succeed and we make it happen by sharing our resources, criticism and encouragement. It would be impossible for us to do so if the Garment District became spread out over the 5 boroughs because zoning laws are forcing manufacturers out. I’ve had to do a lot with very little formal training, the pattern-makers and seamstresses who have supported me since my eager intern days are invaluable to me. They see my vision as well as expand it. Innovation is what happens when ideas are thrust into the air making the atmosphere fertile for a surprise, a movement. Right now fashion is stale, but at Showroom New York there is so much to taste. People are looking for something new and we are what’s new.

Q: Lastly, and please don’t be shy, what can the Women’s Mafia make happen for you?
A: As if I wasn’t already fawning over Women’s Mafia and how great your approach is to supporting new talent. First, you can get me a tape of your awesome appearance on NBC. Second I think Women’s Mafia can help forge a solid connection to women who’ve been seeking out the aesthetic that Shauntele represents which is elegant with just the right bit of sexy to get a room buzzing.

‘’Death by Paparazzi’’ Sheila Frank’s Fall 2010 Collection

Design Exploits Fashion Fashion Week Shopping & Acquisitions

By Linda Hastrich

Celebrities are stalked by paparazzi on a daily basis. Sheila Frank used this as a theme for her Fall 2010 presentation.

As soon as we walked in the space, we were struck by the red and creamy beige tones. These were the main colors of the clothes. The secondary colors were black and white.

The theme of Stalking and Death was very evident in the back of one of the model’s shirts, where Frank artfully created blood splashes. Both on the clothes as on the shoes Sheila played with the idea of little square diamonds.  Her silhouettes featured a lot of high waists for the skirts/shorts. Most of the clothes accentuate the female form. The shoes of the models were open toe black leather heels or cream/black color with the little square diamonds.

To complete the theme Sheila left on the ground ‘’crime’’ fashion pictures, an unfolded roll of film and doctors gloves with blood splashes. Above these attributes hung a line with pictures held by pegs also with blood splashes.

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