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Akawalle Jewelry: Exquisite Jewelry, Handcrafted from Bullets

By June 30, 2009September 27th, 2009No Comments1 min read

by Saira Toppin

Find Your Confidence

Growing up in a refugee camp is not typically part of the life story of an internationally recognized jewelry designer. Akawelle is an edgy and beautiful jewelry line created by Lovetta Conto, a Liberian refugee who fled to Ghana during a period of war and strife. The line features a double pendant, made from bullet shells, placed on chains of various lengths and materials.

Lovetta started this necklace company as a project for her Strongheart Fellowship The idea of using used bullets is to show that beauty can be found in anything. One of the pendants is the bottom of a shell casing repurposed as a bead and the accompanying leaf, made from melted bullet casings, is inscribed with the word “Life”.

The word “Life” was chosen because it reminds Lovetta that new life can begin after hardship. This is a healthy mantra to live by. Even with the current recession causing difficulty in the lives of many Americans and other people throughout the world, we can all be assured that the end is not near. Take a look at the Akawelle line of necklaces at and purchase your piece of confidence towards new beginnings. All proceeds go to Lovetta’s future and the creation of the first Strongheart House.