More Wine at the Caffé

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by Saira Toppin

I entered Caffé e Vino simply to drop off photographs with my partner Luis Vaz (photographer) for the owner’s wife. Luis introduced me to Giuseppe who then asked us if we wanted a drink… The night was in the bag from there.

Our jackets were taken to coat check, wine was served and appetizers were ordered. Fresh soft bread with tomato spread and water was placed on the table. We ate fried calamari and zucchini and sipped wine.

Since we only stepped in to make a drop, having a full meal was not on my mind. Giuseppe asked us if we wanted to eat…what to do?? Having had a late lunch that day I knew I was not too hungry, but me giving up delicious Italian food is unheard of, never to be uttered aloud. I told him to make a light dish for me. A few minutes later we were met with linguine with Alfredo sauce topped with shrimp. Luis was not too happy because they served us both small plates. I got what I asked for, sorry buddy.

I thought that we were receiving exceptional treatment because my partner knew the owner, but it seemed to be given to all attendees of the restaurant, which is amazing, because we were given a lot of attention. The atmosphere was very warm, exposed brick and candlelight, always perfect for a second date. I say second because you do not want to start off with too much romance on the first date. Don’t scare him/her away just yet.

Back to the pasta which was great, the Alfredo sauce was different, nothing like I had before. It truly tasted homemade.

To end the meal off we were given homemade cheesecake and I opted for more wine instead of a latte. I left with a smile on my face and an overstuffed stomach. No room for complaint. We grabbed our coats and crossed the bridge to attend a party thrown by the Mayor.

If you are looking for a great new restaurant to try, head over to Caffé e Vino in Downtown Brooklyn, right before the Manhattan Bridge at 112 Dekalb Avenue.

Stop the Bullying, Support the Cause

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By Saira Toppin

Want to support our young people and help promote a safer society? Want to learn more about bullying and the effect it has on our teens? There is a new show ready to support these desires. Attend a performance and get armed with the knowledge needed to help students in schools throughout the city and nation. Outwordly Fabolous was written by award winning spoken word artist Pandora Scooter and directed by Cedric Hill. Continue reading

Fashion & Style Highlight: Sorelle Firenze

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By Saira Toppin

Sorelle Firenze…the name may sound familiar if you were once a fashion mishap, looking to revamp your style, or just wanted to be dressed by the finest sisters in New York City. Barbara and Monica Abbatemaggio have been mavens in the fashion field for over ten years. In 1997 the sisters opened a shop in Tribeca and afforded their Italian sensibility to any woman who desired to be fabulous. The popular boutique provided scores of women with chic, eclectic fashions designed by the sisters and emerging brands like Florence favorites, Quelle Tre, Patafisic and Gorilla. As the years went by, Barbara and Monica made a great name for themselves and in 2005, home styling and event staging were added to their repertoire.

As things quickly began moving forward, the women decided to make a bold move. Inspired by the direction and success of the business, the sisters closed their shop in 2005. They wanted to focus primarily on personal styling and their maternal instincts by raising their young children. They wished to own and operate a fashion boutique in New York City ever since they came to America. That dream came true, plus more. But, they felt that they needed to stick to what they did best and focus on styling consultations and closet organization.

Clients flock to Barbara and Monica for their eye for great coordination and perfect presentation. They work their magic through a four step process. First, they assess their client’s closet by removing everything, sorting what should be donated to charity; highlighting the importance of body type, and keying in on undergarments. Next, they make over the closet and arrange items by color or category. Third, they create a shopping list and replace what was taken away and add more pieces. Lastly, the Abbatemaggio sisters put together outfits for different settings. That doesn’t sound too difficult right? The hard part will most likely be receiving criticism on clothing you thought were great.

Barbara and Monica style celebrities, socialites, and top executives. They are expanding their client base and are able to help everyone who desires their expertise, of course, if their schedule permits. Their usual clients are women ages 25-60 with full social calendars and men also. If you need a great way to start off 2011, seek the knowledgeable and gifted Sisters of Florence. Use them to your advantage and re-energize your wardrobe today. Visit for more information. They design wedding dresses too!

Last Minute Shopping in the Garden of Eden

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By Saira Toppin

Need a quick last minute item for the Holiday Season? Need something different than what you saw in our gift guide since you bought everything on the list? Well, look no further. Women’s Mafia has two more quick additions that should help speed along your decision making. New jewelry line, Eden, created by Israeli-born designer Maytal Sharifi is the newest addition to Sine.

The collection mixes metals and Swarovski crystals in beautifully set rings, bracelets, and more. Check out these two items below to give to your sister, mother, girlfriend, best friend, or any woman in your life that you appreciate, because these pieces are sure to make them even happier during the Holidays.  They can be accessories for the next Holiday Party or New Year’s Eve bash!

Swarvoski Floating Crystal/Stud Bracelet. Retail Price: $105

EDEN Swarvoski Floating Crystal/Stud Bracelet

Lava Ring. Retail Price: $98.

EDEN Lava Ring
EDEN Lava Ring

Enjoy 20% off these two items, or anything else on the site with this discount code: HOLIDAY20. Visit

Parameter of Fashion: Fall/Winter Collections & TALENT Interview

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By Saira Toppin

Fall Fashion is in full bloom. Thus far, we have experienced 80 degree temperature, tornado-like weather, and even hail. However, winter will roll around before we know it. But, while we still have time, boost up your closet with some hip clothing by Sine.

Laila, a feature line of Sine, has an inspiring collection of dresses that look better than what I have seen in a while. They are perfect for multiple events including cocktail parties, dinners, auctions, etc. The dark dresses work best for evening events, which makes at least one Laila dress an essential part of any Women’s Mafia reader’s closet. These dresses make you look hot and chic, yet classy, announcing that you know exactly what you want.

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Variety Extravaganza at its Finest

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By Saira Toppin

Looking for something to do this Thursday? Head over to the Copper Room at Comix to celebrate the release of Patti LuPone’s Memoir about being on the road, bad musicals, and the rest of life’s interesting wonders. Comedian Danny Leary, who has a brand new variety show, has put together this celebration to not only praise LuPone’s book, but to create a fun filled night.

Of course, there will be a review of the book, but also an interview with Ben Rimalower, and an“Official Danny Leary Spokesmodel” contest judged by Haasan Morse, founder of Morse Code PR. Comedians Jessimae Peluso and Selena Coppock will be strutting their stuff in this contest in swim and evening wear. There will also be celebrity appearances by  Kate Hodge (She-Wolf of London, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, and national spokesperson for Citracal,) actress Erika Amato in a scene from Next to Normal, sports journalist Ted Rybka, comedian Brooke Van Poppelen (Comedy Central), and vocalists Karen Mack, Angela Shultz and Maureen Taylor.

Basically, it will be a great way to start your weekend if you did not have anything in mind. Come get a drink, laugh, and see what Patti LuPone’s new book has to offer and discover how much variety Danny Leary is coughing up.

Event Details:

The Danny Leary Variety Extravaganza
Thursday, September 30th, 2010
8:00 PM Show (Doors open at 7:30 PM)
$10 Cover. There is no food or beverage minimum.
The Copper Room at COMIX
353 W. 14th Street, NYC | 212.524.2500

Get Rogue’d Out: TALENT Q&A and Giveaway with Rogue Monk Co-Creator Steven Hoel

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By Saira Toppin

We have all seen the insurmountable success of the Ed Hardy t-shirts. This line hit the worldwide market and made a killing. Remember seeing moms, dads,  kids, celebs, and everyone else donning the tees? I do! Co- creator Steven Hoel and Miguel Garcia, former professional skateboarder & the brains behind Los Angeles-based counter-culture brand De La Barracuda, have launched another success, Rogue Monk,  Open Source Fashion. Rogue Monk is pushing Open Source Fashion through a workshop program on their site by giving artists an opportunity to showcase their work, sell merchandise, and turn a profit.

It is an exciting way to present clothing to the masses. “The global marketplace decides what T-shirt designs are the most commercially viable,” then those lucky designs are on their way to making the cut. Here, the consumer plays a large part in the decision making of the clothing they buy, by actually choosing what they like. Not only do consumers win, but new, emerging artists win also. This gives them a chance to present their work all over the world and have people wear it on their chests.

Read more for interview with Steven Hoel and code to get a FREE t-shirt from Rogue Monk!!

Women’s Mafia: The Ed Hardy brand t-shirts were undeniably a huge hit throughout the world. Did this inspire the launch of another t-shirt line??

Steven Hoel: Rogue Monk certainly evolved from the Ed Hardy project, although it was not our master plan, it organically grew out of it.  Ed would refer artist friends to me who needed advice or help with licensing deals. And then I started receiving emails from artists who wanted our help monetizing their art archive as well, like we did with Ed. One thing lead to another…and the Rogue Monk was born.

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Women’s Mafia Exclusive TALENT Interview with Becky Smith, Author of the film “16 to Life”

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By Saira Toppin

Here is a treat for our readers, well, when it hits a theater near you it will be! New film, “16 to Life,” by Emmy-nominated director Becky Smith is sure to be a great family choice, or something to see with the girls. The movie is set in a burger and shake stand in a small town with actress Hallee Hirsh as our leading lady, Kate. We experience her very different 16th birthday. She gets slapped by her older sister, misses out on a “budding” birthday gift, and finally, gets her first kiss. Continue reading

Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2011

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By Saira Toppin

As usual, Betsey Johnson comes back season after season with eye popping fashion that is sure to turn heads and have you wanting more. But the underlying question is, where can you wear some of this clothing?

The Spring/Summer collection shouts out color, splash, and excitement. Themed parties that call for eccentricity, originality, and panache would be ideal.

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Leifsdottir Spring/Summer 2011

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By Saira Toppin

Urban Outfitters is doing exceptional work with their retail brand, Leifsdottir, which is sold in Anthropologie. The new collection is quite earthy and natural.

Designer Johanna Uurasjavi says the influence for this season was her recent trip to the Amazon. One can see the presence of the Amazon in the snake skin skirts, butterfly patterned dresses, and pangolin-like blazers.

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