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Eco-Trendsetting: Bid Now to Win An Exclusive Debut Pair of reco® jeans!

By July 1, 2009September 27th, 2009No Comments3 min read

We all love a scoop, and so in the spirit of the Women’s Mafia members being the first to hear about exciting retail opportunities I wanted to let you know about a very exciting offer. This week through July 18th you can bid (any amount you like!) and have a chance at winning one of the first 300 pairs of reco® jeans!

You may remember reco® jeans from the Women’s Mafia Fashion Show in May – I fell in love with their slim and playfull fits for the ladies (and also with how they looked on the male models too… ahem).  Even better, as I’ve learned about reco® jeans I can attest that they are a recycled-denim jeanswear company, poised to bring integrity to the Eco-denim industry with the highest percentage of recycled denim in the industry (300% more than competitors).

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Using a “Dutch Auction” style bidding system, running 6/21 – 7/18, consumers will bid for the first 300 pairs of reco® jeans, which will be sold in limited edition Box sets, featuring a pair of reco® jeans, a reco® iPod case, and a certificate of authenticity! The 300 winning bidders will win the Box Sets of eco-friendly jeans and all the public’s bids will be taken into account as reco® jeans finalizes their pricing.


The next anticipation is the PRICE! What is the price?! Well, YOU get to decide! How much are reco® jeans worth to you? We have devised an auction style promotion for you to determine what the price of the first pairs of recycled denim jeans should be. There are three things to consider when calculating a fair price for a premium jean.

1. Aspects & details of what it takes to make a reco® jean.
2. Competitor’s pricing.
3. Personal brand value of quality products, company beliefs, and fashion trends.

How it works:

* Dutch Auction style – without the “asking price”
* Submit the bid (price) you are willing to spend for your very own reco jeans
* Bids are collected and compared for 300 winners that falls in the average of highest and lowest.
* All bids are based on single pair of reco® jean

ONLY 300 pairs of select styles!

* The bidding commences 6/21 – 7/18.
:::This bid is an initial interest in participation and no payment is due during this time.
:::You may bid more than once, but your most recent bid will replace the previous bid.
* Confirmation of purchases will start 7/27 and lucky winners will receive delivery information!
Good Luck!

>> Bid Here

About reco® jeans:
Reco® jeans is an innovative new line of recycled denim jeanswear, with Woody Harrelson and Alanis Morissette as celebrity partners. Cutting-edge in the industry, reco® jeans is a super-soft and strong denim line made with the highest percentage of recycled denim fibers in the industry (much so-called “recycled” denim actually has only 1-3% recycled fibers) and produced with almost 60% less factory waste. Reco® jeans is changing the denim industry by proving that much more is possible in the field of eco-friendly denim, however it’s the hip cuts and savvy styles that are winning friends and influencing people.