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THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves

By July 31, 2009September 27th, 2009No Comments3 min read

Throughout the year everyone seems to have their favorite beauty products that they simply can’t live without. But with all the heat, trips to the beach, and chlorine from dips in the pool, summer brings an entirely new beauty agenda. Here’s FashionIndie’s picks for your summer beauty must haves!

1. Sunscreen

FashionIndie’s Pick: Almay Smart Shade Makeup


The new Almay Smart Shade Makeup is a foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen all in one. With a variety of shades to fit your skin tone, the product comes with SPF 15 and goes for $14.

2. Chapstick & Lipgloss

FashionIndie’s Pick: Palmer’s CoaCoa Butter Chapstick

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photo

Cocoa Butter may look like a gluestick but I can never leave the house without it. Trust me, get the chapstick and it will be an instant addiction. The Palmer’s product goes for about $4.

3. On-The-Go Razor

FashionIndie’s Pick: Diva by Shavemate

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoThe second I saw this I was instantly fascinated. The 6-blade, $10 pack of 3 razors comes with shaving cream inside of the handle. Put one of these in your makeup case, press and shave and your good to go!

4. Anti-Friz Hair Product

FashionIndie’s Pick: Belegenza SpotLite Shine

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoBelegenza’s SpotLite Shine eliminates fly aways and softens your hair’s ends almost instantly. The $18 product works fast to eliminate frizz on those hot summer days.

5. Water Proof Mascara

FashionIndie’s Pick: BADGal Lash

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoBefore you run to the beach or hop in the pool, be sure to grab BADGal Waterproof Mascara. BADGal will transform your lashes and keep them that way for just $19.

6. Pedicure Kit

FashionIndie’s Pick: Pedispa

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photo

Sometimes your just too busy to sit down for a full pedicure at the nail salon, but you need to keep up that foot care. Pedispa is an at-home pedicure kit that keeps your feet in top-knotch condition for $24.99.

7. Nail Strengthener

FashionIndie’s Pick: Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photo

If you ever get tips, sometimes your nails get in poor condition. Apply Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength instant nail hardener for $5 to strengthen nails and keep them in healthy condition.

8. Hair Repair

FashionIndie’s Pick: Belegenza RoMANce Deep Conditioning

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoOften from all those trips to the beach and pool during the summer, people get dried out hair. To reverse the poor effects on your hair from your fun in the sun get RoMANce from Belegenza for a deep conditioning experience at $28.

9. Absorbing Sheets

FashionIndie’s Pick: Boscia Vanilla Blotting Linens

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoBoscia Vanilla Blotting Linens are perfect for those hot summer days. Unfortunately in all the heat your face gets some unwanted shine; slip the $10 sheets in your bag and you’ll be good to go!

10. Cuticle Oil

FashionIndie’s Pick: O.P.I. Avoplex

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoO.P.I. Avoplex nail and cuticle oil for $10 keeps your nails and cuticles from getting dried out throughout your busy week. Just apply a bit of the oil to dry cuticles or rough skin and you’ll have instant moisture.