Four Awesome Gifts That Give Back – Ideal for anytime of the year!

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We all have those friends and loved ones – they march to the beat of their own drum, they have everything that they truly need and they value quality time over things – we LOVE them for all these qualities, but they sure are hard to shop for!

Here are some clever, healthy, thoughtful and totally unique gifts that give back to great causes, perfect for the most selfless and creative people in our lives.

For the Yogi You Love – AumHome Soulsprays give back to children’s charities in India and the US


Aum Home Soul & Space Spray

Reiki infused essential oils, colloidal silver and crystal tinctures are hand blended by professional yogi, Feng Shui expert and healer Nidhi Huba at her Woodstock Retreat. Ideal for fortifying and perfuming your aura as well as every room of your house.
$27 per bottle

$54 for custom sprays, blended with specific intentions and wishes in mind, receive 2 bottles one for home and one for altar.

Each glass bottle comes with crystals in it that can be reused with your own essential oils. A portion of proceeds from each bottle benefits children’s charities in India and the US.


For the Kid In All of Us – The FAPE Coloring Kit supports cultural diplomacy through art

FAPE Coloring Book Kit

The FAPE Coloring Book Kit is the perfect gift to stoke a child’s creativity and help them think big about Art, their abilities and the world. It’s also great for adults who are into the Meditating-By-Coloring trend – have you tried it?

F.A.P.E. Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies Coloring Book Cover

FAPE Coloring KitThe Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies’ Coloring Kit is a colorful collaboration between artists Donald Robertson and EunSun Lee of CMYK+WHITE, INC. Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson is the creative force behind Estée Lauder Company Brands and Creative Director of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Many individuals may also recognize him for his colorful and whimsical illustrations commonly found on Instagram.
The $40 kit includes:

  • Coloring book complete with 16 images of FAPE’s Site-Specific Collection (including works of art by Ellsworth Kelly, Sol LeWitt, Louise Bourgeois and others)
  • Map and sticker set
  • 8 pack of Crayola Crayons
  • FAPE Site-Specific Catalogue

Proceeds from the kit go towards FAPE’s mission of cultural diplomacy through art!
For details and to order, please visit:



For the Athletes and Weekend Warriors In Your Family – a great stocking stuffer, Perky Fruit Bodies supports organic farmers and also farming education for formerly homeless families in Florida

Perky Fruit Bodies

Inline image 2Inline image 3

A great stocking stuffer for all your healthy, active family members! This innovative, fun and delicious pocket-friendly snack, made of only pure, whole organic fruit and superfoods such as raw cacao and raw coconut, is an ideal snack for kids, parents, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

Perky Fruit Bodies on wood

Founded by raw food educator Gil Cohen and his teenage sons RJ and Tal, Perky Fruit Bodies roll ups include naturally occurring, fiber, protein, enzymes and micronutrients and are Paleo-friendly and low-glycemic, to provide sustainable energy for the mind and body.


For Anyone With Skin – Beauty Buster Skincare is a super-premium, locally made all natural line with products for Men and Women. All products give back to charities benefitting U.S. Vets and Veterans Families.

Beauty Buster Skincare

Inline image 19Beauty Buster Skin Care is award-winning esthetician Lora Condon’s all-natural answer to raising the standards of skin care by using all active ingredients and no fillers. Beauty Buster Skincare will always donate 10% of proceeds to charities benefiting military families and soldiers serving overseas. Beauty Buster Skincare features only the most highly effective natural ingredients including meadowfoam oil for moisture and anti-aging benefits, pine essential oil for healing and anti-bacterial properties, rosewater for soothing hydration and more.

Celebrating “Strength In Beauty,” Beauty Buster Skincare chose inspirational women and men as celebrity faces of the new line including: Miss Kansas Theresa Vail – “America’s Choice” for Miss America and currently serving in the Armed Forces, Fitness Expert NikkiFitness, Author and former Marine Rachel Luna, and US Army SPC Justin Woods.

Inline image 5hQJ1ySyT44E-ECCQpYL12ZHj5xHKW-6_tre8JIEnuRE

Product Review: Beespa Hand & Foot Cream is the Ultimate Sandal Savior

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By Sylvie-Rose Cherwin

Today I was lucky enough to sample and review the very healing, soothing, and all natural Beespa Ultra Healing Hand & Foot Cream. As we all know, summer is the perfect time for sandals which means you can’t avoid people seeing your feet. Beespa products can help repair your dry and cracked skin from the cold weather and leave your feet feeling fabulous and ready to flaunt in your trendy summer footwear.

When I first looked at it, the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging; it comes in a small glass jar with a clean, simple, and appealing label. The natural ingredients such as beeswax and essential oils give off a delicate scent that leave your skin feeling soft and protected rather than oily and greasy in this hot, sweaty, and sticky weather. It is wonderfully remedial on your feet after a long hot summer day of walking around the busy and bustling streets of Manhattan in sandals.

$29.99 at

Stop Traffic – How You Can Use Your Workout to Cultivate Radiance

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By Londin Angel Winters

Imagine if you could begin using your workout to train your body to become so radiant, you stop traffic on the way out.

This is not only do-able, it makes working out a lot more interesting. You may find you cannot wait to strap on those tennies and get moving.

We do not need to lose a pound or tighten a thing to step into Radiance. It is the act of emitting light. Imagine someone’s face who is smiling brightly. They are literally beaming light. We can shine anytime we choose, and the more we train for it, the better we get at it.

Whether we are aware of it or not, many of us already do all sorts of things to augment Radiance. Think bedazzled, bling and glitter. It’s all designed to bring more light energy to the body. But, it’s not the only way can do this.

It’s one thing to wear that sparkly dress, it’s another thing to become it.

We can emit Radiance from the inside out. However, sometimes it’s not so easy to find our light. Sitting for hours at work, stress and fatigue do a number on our shine. That’s why our exercise routine is the perfect place to get it back.

During exercise, we generate heat and get energy flowing. When you combine your workout with the 5-step process outlined here, you can become a master of Radiance.

5 Steps to Cultivating Radiance During Your Workouts:

1.     Set a Specific Intention

Before your workout begins, set your intention. What quality do you want to embody? Do you want to sparkle like diamonds or be explosive like fireworks? Do you want to glimmer like the surface of the ocean at sunrise or do you want to simmer like Jessica Rabbit? Be very specific and bring that intention to every movement you make.

2.             Practice Emitting Light

After each work period, feel the intensity you’ve generated and imagine pouring it from your heart onto the person you love most in the world. Where attention goes, energy follows. Therefore, you may be surprised how your loved ones will feel you doing this and respond. If in the beginning it feels like you are making it up, stay with it. Once you see the impact it has on the people, you will know it’s real.

3.             Get Your Flow On

During your workout, get everything in your body moving. Use the time to release stuck energy. Radiance is about Flow, so we want to bring as much Flow as possible. Rather than only focusing one body part, get every part of you moving: upper body, lower body and everything in between.

4.             Embodiment

Embodiment is the act of running a certain energy through your body. We see actors do this all the time as they transform themselves into a role. Be deliberate in how you walk, talk and move about your workout. Pretend you were an actress and your job was to show someone what pure Radiance looks like in the way you carry your body.

5.             Create Your On/Off Switch

Once you become really good at this, you may quickly realize why you don’t already do this all of the time. Stopping traffic can be overrated when it comes with whistles, cat calls and pesky admirers interrupting your workout. Therefore, Step #5 is to master the art of modulating your Radiance. In the same way you dialed it up, you dial it right back down. This way, you are at choice. If being invisible is to your advantage, you do that. If being shiny is to your advantage, you do that. Radiance becomes a skill you can turn on and off as you choose.

With these exercises, you build the foundation of Radiance in your “muscle memory.” In this way, you will naturally carry more Radiance in your life. Ideally, you become so good at embodying Radiance that you can access it at will, such as the moment when Mr. Right walks in the room and you want to be the brightest thing in his view.

For more insights from Londin Angel Winters visit her website and check out her new book “Loving Your Weight Off” at Amazon and other fine retailers.

The Seed 2015: 4th Annual Plant Based Lifestyle Festival

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Dearest Mafiosos and Mafiosas,

We are beyond thrilled to share with you about The Seed Experience 2015 – we love promoting healthy, delicious foods that are great for you and the planet and so we are pleased to announce that we have secured 50% off for Women’s Mafia members and friends with code Proseed50.

The Premiere Plant-Based Lifestyle Festival In New York Returns With Award Winning Chefs, Renowned Authors, Famous Filmmakers and Vegan Lifestyle Pioneers

June 20th and 21st 10am to 6pm
Brooklyn Expo Center, 72 Noble St. Brooklyn, NY 11222

The Seed Experience 2015 is a two-day festival that focuses on living a healthy, compassionate, and eco-friendly lifestyle. This June the 2015 festival includes over 100 best-in-class exhibitors, including local merchants featuring, sampling, and selling plant-based foods and environmentally friendly products and services. With the number of Vegans in the U.S. more than doubling since 2009, and over 100 million people in the U.S. consciously choosing to eat more plant-based foods, even though they are not vegan or vegetarian, excitement over this year’s The Seed Experience is at an all time high.

The Seed Experience 2015 will present world-renowned speakers including Joe Cross of the “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” documentaries, doctors and nutritionists such as Dr. Robert Ostfeld, Founder and Director of Montefiore Einstein Cardiac Wellness Program, inspirational champion athletes such as Vegan Ultraman Rich Roll, and animal rights champions such as Kathy Stevens of Catskill Animal Sanctuary and Jenny Brown of the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary. They will be holding workshops to introduce audiences to a plant-based and vegan lifestyle and answer questions.

Attendees can look forward to exploring, sampling, and shopping the vast market of delicious plant-based foods, viewing award winning films, and witnessing cooking demonstrations. Highlights include:

  • Exclusive pre-premiere screening with “The China Study” author Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s documentary “PlantPure Nation” followed by a live video conference with his son Nelson Campbell, the Executive Producer, Director and Co-Writer of the film.
  • Ten cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs such as Daphne Cheng, Maria Marlowe, Fran Costigain, and Jay Astafa.
  • Opportunity to experience the cooking of Adam Sobel, owner of The Cinnamon Snail Food Truck, the country’s first organic vegan food truck, a celebrated, award winning all-vegan food truck. Four time Vendy Awards winner. Voted by Yelp! 2014 #1 place to eat in NYC, and #4 in the entire USA.

And presentations by:

  • Dr. Robert Ostfeld, Founder & Director of Montefiore Einstein Cardiac Wellness Program
  • Rich Roll, accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete and former entertainment attorney turned full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate and motivational speaker. Top finisher at the Ultraman World Championships and best-selling author.
  • Tim VanOrden, “U.S. Master Runner of the Year”, coach and presenter in the fields of motivation, nutrition and athletic performances.
  • Captain Paul Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Co-founding Director of Greenpeace Foundation
  • Simone Reyes, Animal Rights Activist, Reality Star, Right Hand to mogul Russell Simmons

The Expo will be held the weekend of June 20 and 21st, 2015 from the hours of 10am – 6pm at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Brooklyn, New York. The expected amount of attendees is 5,000+. Ticket prices are $30 per day and $50 for the weekend pass. Included is an exclusive offer for a 30 day free membership to Food Matters TV ( value $7.95. FMTV provides hundreds of documentaries, expert interviews, and recipe videos. Attendees can also receive $25 off a first UBER ride, or $20 off a first uberPOOL ride.

The Seed, founded in 2012, creates lifestyle events that empowers and introduces attendees to a plant-based, cruelty-free and eco-friendly living. Taking a positive and modern approach, The Seed works directly with many small local businesses and large multi-nationals, and influencer and trendsetters introducing them and their products and services to individuals who want to live an active, conscious and healthy lifestyle. The Seed is also a firm believer in giving back, therefore, a portion of the profits are donated to various charities. This year The Seed is projected that over 28,000 attendees at its events. Follow The Seed on Twitter @TheSeedExp and Instagram and visit the main website to read about all their events.

A Day In Sparkleshire with Enjella and author Jane F. Collen

Art Beauty Books Events

Enjoy A Fairy-tastic Day of Pampering and Meet Author Jane Collen & Illustrator David Trumble of the Award-Winning Enjella Adventure Series!

Saturday October 18th from 2-5pm at Inglot Studio, 5th Fl. in Chelsea Market

Kids, tweens, moms and dads are invited to meet author Jane F. Collen of the Enjella Adventure Series and celebrity Illustrator David Trumble for exclusive readings and book signings from brand new editions of the Mom’s Choice Award Winning Enjella Adventure Series books. Guests will also enjoy kid-approved guest performers, hot chocolate, Fairy Portraits by Trumble, makeup applications for moms and Fairy Facepainting for kids with Inglot Studio pros.

Collen’s new children’s picture book What More Can A Fairy Be? is debuting at the event. Enjella Uprooted and Storming Back to Key West by Jane F. Collen, are celebrating the launch of brand new editions with cover art designed by David Trumble as well as a new vocabulary section and dynamic interior illustrations throughout.

Critics have called Enjella Uprooted “An enchanting tale of finding one’s self.” Enjella is a “tooth fairy with bite!” She fights the rigid tooth fairy establishment to do what she knows is right and help children.

Trumble will be on hand to create once-in-a-lifetime Fairy Portraits for kids at this special event. Trumble is famous for his Feminists as Disney Princesses series, two notable Ted Talks and winning the Dan Hemingway Prize for Creativity when he was only 16 years old.

What: Readings from brand new Enjella books! Fairy Portraits for kids by celebrity Enjella illustrator David Trumble. Makeup Applications with Inglot Studio Pros. Fairy Facepainting for Kids. Family Photo Opps. Hot chocolate parties!

Where: Inglot Studios glamorous Meatpacking District space on the 5th floor of Chelsea Market in NYC

When: Saturday October 18th from 2-5pm

Why: Because your kids need a truly magical day, and you need some pampering. :-)

RSVP and Media Inquiries:
#  #  #

Critic’s Love Jane F. Collen’s Enjella Uprooted and the Enjella Adventure Series:

“Who doesn’t love a tooth fairy!  Especially one so inspiring and heartwarming as Enjella.  A creative and enlightening way to teach children about choice, self-esteem and following your dreams.  Enjella becomes a role model for young girls as she sparkles and shines while choosing her path in life.”
Ashley Papa, news writer and Producer, Fox News Channel

“Fun, fairy adventures for tweens who appreciate frills, sparkles and a clever female protagonist.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Enjella’s example will encourage readers that they have the power to achieve their hearts’ desire no matter what; that there is good in the world; and that there will be people along the way who will help them reach their biggest dreams. Through Enjella’s example of nimble resilience, she also shows kids and tweens how to deal with bullies that come in the form of an authority figure.”
Cannes nominated filmmaker and screenwriter Nikki Roberts

“Enjella’s courageous story is destined to become a fairy tale classic! This modern-day SHEro epitomizes Girl Power in every sense of the word. Enjella is a celebration of what every girl in the 21st century should aspire to be: bold, beautiful and audaciously smart.”
Miss United States 2013 Candiace Dillard

“Enjella Uprooted is a riveting adventure for kids and kids-at-heart. Collen creates a singular magical world where a rigid rules, mysterious bureaucracy and personal jealousies abound. In the tradition of characters like Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter’s Hermoine and Little Women’s Jo March, plucky and ernest Enjella dares to question the status quo and forger her own path to happiness and personal fulfillment.”
Women’s Mafia

“What a bewitching and fully realized world Jane Collen has created in Enjella Uprooted! Young readers will be transfixed as they travel with Enjella through her fairy adventures—her mishaps and her tooth-fairy missions—in a world that is at once familiar and fantastic. In quickly paced scenes, with dynamic dialogue and good humor, Collen gives kids more than a story; here’s an extensive and enchanted universe where they can get deliciously lost.”
Anna Monardo, author of Falling in Love with Natassia, and Courtyard of Dreams

“You can’t help but fall in love with first class tooth fairy, Enjella.  Come  along with Enjella as she flutters from one adventure to the next, sparkling teeth and sparkling the lives of the children she meets along her route.  An enchanting tale of finding one’s self.”
Deb Chouinard, 3rd grade teacher, Westfield, Mass

RED PARTY Event Recap: The Women’s Mafia 9 Year Anniversary Celebration featuring Maggie Norris Couture

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This Tuesday August 5th the Women’s Mafia hosted their signature Red Party, featuring a fashion presentation by iconic couturier Maggie Norris and benefitting the children’s charity Reach Within. This year marked the 9 Year Anniversary Party for the Women’s Mafia and as founder Marcy Clark noted: “we are so proud to be celebrating nine years of style, substance and philanthropy!”

Model in Maggie Norris Couture with designer Maggie Norris and event host Marcy Clark, Photo by Natsuko Matsumura

The Red Party gala at the Glamorous Gansevoort Park hotel featured a fashion presentation by celebrity couturier Maggie Norris, who has

Engie Hassan and the EngieStyle team with Marcy Clark, Photo by Becky Yee of Vintage Vanga Photography

dressed icons such as Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Obama. Styled by EngieStyle, the presentation featured exquisite regal garments: dresses, corsets, trousers and jackets with red, gold and cream color palettes, and 1930’s and military inspirations. A stand-out in the show was Norris’s dramatic red silk “Grenada Gown” that dazzled the crowd. The Grenada Gown was inspired by the featured charity at the event, Reach Within, a charity with sites in Grenada and St. Vincent that helps vulnerable children break the cycle of violence and develop social and emotional skills to succeed in life. Thousands of dollars were raised to support Reach Within and their important work.

Illusionists Ben Nemzer and Cassandra Ruiz greeted the guests with a fiery magic trick and red roses upon entering the event, setting the tone of a magical evening where the guests would be cherished and celebrated. Photographer Becky Yee hosted her signature Vintage Vanga on-site Pin-Up Photo Booth, which was exceedingly popular and had guests posing with feathers, roses and props. Invitees sipped cocktails made by Cedar and Schrub, tasted whisky by women-owned brand Brenne Whisky and sipped cuvee by Magnifico Giornata. Co-hosted by fraternal social clubs The Men’s Collective and The Ladies Collective, the event embodied fun, glamour, boldness and beauty.

Photo by Natsuko Matsumura
Model with Maggie Norris, photo by Arthur Eisenberg
photo by Arthur Eisenberg
Photo by Arthur Eisenberg
Maggie Norris Fashion Presentation, photo by Arthur Eisenberg
Maggie Norris Fashion Presentation, photo by Arthur Eisenberg

The Y Gallery Salon Team managing hair backstage (Photos by Arthur Eisenberg)

Excepts from Marcy Clark’s speech about the Women’s Mafia:

A lot of people ask me, “what is the Women’s Mafia?!” And I first always assure them that there is nothing menacing about us – no crimes or murders! We’re really a peace-loving bunch, and the women in this group are truly the best, most interesting, most dynamic, fun and bold women I know. I started the Women’s Mafia 9 years ago, when I’d only been in the city one year myself, because I truly believe in the power of community, especially like-minded, bold New York Women.

Models in Maggie Norris Couture with designer Maggie Norris and Broadway performer Angel Reda and Harlem Dance Theatre Ballet Dancer Alexandra Jacob, photo by Natsuko Matsumura

I had a vision that we could help each other to navigate this big place – get a great job, make some amazing friends – and more than that to support causes we believe in: charities like Reach Within that we are supporting tonight, independent businesses, female entrepreneurs, artists, and designers. I have to say that you ladies (and many gentleman!) have really come through on that vision, and so this party is really my gift to you to say thank you for all that you do for these causes and especially for each other. I know so many members who have become best friends, helped each other find new careers, had life-changing new experiences and really expanded what’s possible in their lives. And so I want to toast to you tonight, because you guys really, truly, make dreams come true!”

Maggie Norris Couture, Photo by Natsuko Matsumura

Special Thanks to our Sponsors and Partners:

Maggie Norris Couture

Reach Within: an amazing charity helping children and parents in Grenada and St. Vincent

The Men’s Collective and Ladies Collective

Engie Hassan and EngieStyle, who styled the show

DJ Sharri

Y Gallery Salon styled hair for the presentation & host: Yaniv, Yoni, Brandy, Adi and Clara

Becky Yee of Vintage Vanga Photography

Marcy Clark and Becky Yee of Vintage Vanga Photography

Yellow Sky Agency PR

The Makeup Team: Legend with Wilhelmina Artists, SamiRivera, and Jerry Lopez of Mark Joseph Salon

Our Models: Angel Reda, Jordana, Devyn, Cindy Jo, Kanami, Emily and Brooke

Event Photographers: Fashion Photographer Arthur Eisenberg, Artist and Photographer Natsuko Matsumura, Guillermo Mogollan of FashionandPersonalities, Joyce Brooks of BlackTieMagazine

Cupcakes by Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes

The Gansevoort Park Hotel – special thanks to Eric Lee, Eric Sobin and Chris Kirchner

Drinks Sponsors:

Magnifico Giornata Cuvee

Brenne Whisky by Allison Patel

Cedar and Schrub – “A Boutique Shrubbery”

Gift Bags and Silent Auction:

Genevieve Malandra and the team at Robin Leedy and Associates for helping with our gift bags

Beauty Buster Skincare

Our amazing silent auction donors: Becky Yee of Vintage VangaAlexander TedfordAna et CarolLucky SelectismVernakular Photo Designs

Photo Gallery by Becky Yee of Vintage Vanga (where labeled) and Natsuko Matsumura

Lori Wilde, Kori Burkholder, Tracey Miller, Sara Ferrence, Marcy Clark, Susan Christie, Photo by Natsuko Matsumura

For more about the Women’s Mafia and how to “be a Made Woman” visit

Women’s Mafia Presents: Style, Smile and Shop Hosted by Y Gallery Salon

Beauty Design Events Exploits Featured Shopping & Acquisitions Talent

STYLE, SMILE and SHOP Hosted by Y Gallery Salon

Tuesday May 13th, 6-9pm at 180 Lafayette Street, between Broome and Grand Street

Call (212) 680-0117 to book your hair appointment (Press Appointments Available too!

Special Event-Only experiences for Women’s Mafia Members and guests. Featuring Photographer Amber De Vos, Esthetician Lora Condon and Designer Kristi Vosbeck

Have a life-changing hair styling experience with renowned hairstylists Yaniv, Yoni and their impeccable team at Y Gallery Salon. Makeup available too! (Packages below)

Book a Portrait Session with Celebrity Portrait Photographer Amber De Vos (Packages below)

Hand Massages & Skincare Consultations by Award-Winning Esthetician Lora Condon
– Experience Lora’s “Magic Hands” treatment with reflexology, Reiki and premium natural ingredients
– Try the new natural line Beauty Buster Skincare and have the opportunity to buy!
– RSVP to request this service and experience Lora’s award-winning skincare

Shop with Women’s Mafia featured NYC designer Kristi Vosbeck!

Y Gallery Salon Packages – Exclusive Prices for Women’s Mafia members and guests:

Photo-Ready Hair cut + conditioning treatment ($155 value) $80
Photo-Ready Blowout or Style ($55-$100 value) $40
Photo Ready Makeup Touch-Ups $25
Hair cut + partial highlights ($220 value) $150
Color Gloss ($80 value) $50
Half Head Highlights ($155 value) $115
Single Process Color ($80 value) $50
24 Hour Keratin treatment ($250-$400 value) $190

About our special event photographer:
Amber De Vos of A. De Vos Photo, Inc.
is committed to providing excellent service and reliable, result driven products all the while creating fun and memorable experiences for everyone. Amber loves to help her clients attract the right attention, make more money and feel great doing it! Amber is known for her strong background of working in the world of fashion and celebrity: shooting for Patrick McMullan and Women’s Wear Daily, and having her photographs featured in People Magazine, Page 6, Vogue, Gotham, InStyle, and more!

RSVP to the event ( and let us know your interest level. If you are interested we will book you “Big Shot Breakthrough Call” with Amber where you will get clear on what your visual goals are. You’ll come away with one great idea on how to move your public image forward.

All interested guests who pre-reserve can experience a complimentary expert 15 minute Photo Session and proofing session on site – then you can select the images that you want to purchase for retouching!

If you would like to pre-book with Amber you can also avail yourself of her signature pre-session assessment exercise, her how-to video and checklist sent out beforehand, and ensure that you will have images ideal for your favorite Social Media and Dating sites!

Make sure to RSVP and book your hair, makeup, photo and skincare appointments to ensure you get the service you desire. :-)


Call with questions: 212-729-9610

Exclusive Invite: Beauty Buster Skincare Launch at Lips on April 28th

Beauty Events Exploits Featured Nightlife Shopping & Acquisitions

Will you be able to join us on Monday April 28th for the official launch of Beauty Buster Skincare by award winning esthetician, author, makeup artist and Women’s Mafia contributor Lora “the Beauty Buster”?

Women’s Mafia guests will enjoy mini spa treatments, live entertainment with our special celebrity hosts, a Milagros Tequila bar, Lips signature Frozen Cosmos made with local Adirondack Distilling Co. Vodka, coveted gift bags with the new all natural skincare line and much more!
Monday April 28th 7-10pm
Lips Restaurant, 227 East 56th Street, NYC.
RSVP (required!):

“Strength In Beauty”

Lora Condon “The Beauty Buster” is an award winning esthetician and author who has appeared on Dr. Oz, The New York Times, the NY Daily News, American Spa, Better TV and numerous other outlets. Come celebrate the launch of her new all-natural skincare line. Guests will enjoy mini spa treatments, gift bags, and live entertainment featuring “AllBeefPatty” of America’s Got Talent and more!

Lora’s Beauty Buster Skincare will be donating 10% of proceeds to charities benefiting military families. Celebrity faces of the new line include Miss Kansas Theresa Vail, Fitness Expert NikkiFitness, motivational speaker and former Marine Rachel Luna, and Actor and US Army Reserve SPC Justin Michael.

For more details about celebrity esthetician, makeup artist and author Lora “The Beauty Buster” visit:

THE BEAUTY BUSTER GIFT GUIDE: 9 Gifts To Make Holiday Shopping Quick, Easy and FUN!

Beauty Exploits Fashion Featured Shopping & Acquisitions

Lora “the Beauty Buster” and SPA WARS author who Dr. Oz hails as “the ultimate beauty insider” has curated a list of her favorite gifts for your beauty obsessed friends and family members. You know who they are, and now you know what to buy them.

1. Get Sex and the City skin now that two of the biggest beauty industry legends have teamed up.  Flawless is now achievable with Temptu’s personal airbrush foundation, in these limited edition designs sold only at Patricia Field’s online store as well as her NY Bowery Street location.  The perfect mist application covers imperfections on the face as well as the body.  This is every girl’s fantasy gift. $115

2. Why settle for a loser millionaire boyfriend when you can have a Billionaire Boyfriend, fragrance that is.  Fantasize about the smell of billions with this convenient, rollerball perfume with luxurious notes of Sandalwood, bergamot, tangerine and patchouli.  The best part is that it doesn’t cost a billion to smell like a billionaire. $22 – $65

3. Nothing beats guilt-free pleasure and a Pumpkin Peel Facial can be your dirty little secret this holiday season. Pumpkin contains more than 100 age-reversing anti-oxidants and enzymes like alpha-hydroxy acid to break through dead, dry and dull skin cells. It is deeply hydrating, and exfoliates surface cells to reveal a younger, healthy skin. Not only does pumpkin smell amazing, it is highly effective as a resurfacing peel.

As an esthetician and the owner of “Magic Hands Skin and Body Spa” in New Jersey she has won 5 awards for her work including “Best Facial” and “Best Treatment” in the National SPA WEEK Awards. To book a Pumpkin Peel Facial with Lora Condon in New Jersey or NY visit or call 973-715-3826

4. Nourish your body, skin and hair with my all-time favorite beauty ingredient. Yes, it’s olive oil.  We all know that not just any olive oil will do the trick, so Ugly Goat is my pic for the best tasting, heart healthy food.  Beauty industry insiders know that olive oil is one of the most healing and nourishing ingredient for hair, skin and nails.  Put the Mediterranean liquid gold into your hair at night and wash it in the morning for silky smooth hair with no fly-aways.  No eye cream can compare to the hydrating, healing ability of olive oil and only a few drops will do the trick.  Your bottle will last all year.  Dry cracked skin, doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

5. Cosmetic bags just became a whole lot cooler with these quirky, quote stamped canvas bags.  It’s the perfect gift for the girl who has everything, and now she has a great place to hold it all.  Some of the more popular quotes are, “New York is my boyfriend”,  “Life is too short to not eat what you want” and “Lipgloss is for beginners”.  The bags average $17, so feel free to fill them up.

6. Youthful 8, Milania Haircare is so powerful, I can’t believe there is not a shortage of products.  Winner of the Beauty Buster Award for Best Specialty Hair Product, these 3 products are endorsed by Teresa Giudice and we all know how amazing her hair looks.  There are 8 main ingredients that deliver silky, strong, shiny hair and not surprising that silk is one of those youth giving ingredients.  Argan oil, Vitamin A, B3, E, C, keratin and avocado oil complete the smoothing formulas.  All you need to do is put 1 or 2 pumps of each in wet hair, mix with styling product and prepare to be amazed.  Of course they have gift sets for easy shopping.

7.  Mistletoe beware when you’re wearing Angel Girl Lipgloss. Sexy, luscious lips are always in style and every woman loves a new lipgloss. Mix and match, wear them alone or freshen up your old lipstick with shimmering, plumping, high shine gloss. Who doesn’t want to be kissed by an angel this holiday season? $17

8. Only one thing will perk you up after all the holiday parties and that’s, Wake The F’Up, diesel powered coffee.  Yes, I’m F’n serious about this coffee. As their website says, “It will put some stride in your step and some lead in your pencil, not to mention, that you will probably reorganize the garage and finally get to the lawn.” $9.99

9. Charity and giving is the real theme of the season and Cup of Joe For A Joe gives free hot and cold, cups of coffee to soldiers fighting in the Middle East. It only costs $2 a cup, which is affordable for anyone’s budget.  After they get their coffee, most will email you a thank-you letter right from the heart. I never knew a cup of coffee could ever mean so much to someone. Sometimes the cup of coffee you give them may be the highlight of their day or maybe even their last.

Lora Condon aka The Beauty Buster
Author of Spa Wars – The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry

Lora “The Beauty Buster” Hosts the 2013 Beauty Buster Awards

Beauty Books Events Exploits Featured Shopping & Acquisitions

Winners Include Teresa Giudice’s Milania Haircare, Xtreme Lashes, Shea Moisture, American Spa Magazine and many more

On Wednesday July 31st celeb esthetician, makeup artist and beauty consumer advocate Lora Condon hosted “The Beauty Buster Awards” in Manhattan at Lexington Plastic Surgeons and Next Vanity Salon. Condon is known as a “pitbull” of the beauty industry and for her tireless consumer advocacy work and for providing exceptional and innovative spa services. With over 15 years in the beauty and spa industry, it is no wonder Dr. Oz he called her the “ultimate beauty insider.” The Beauty Buster Awards are an expression of her commitment to excellence in skincare, haircare and cosmetics.

Teresa Giudice attended the event, which was quite notable as it was her first public appearance after being indicted. Her appearance caused quite a stir at the event, with event host and “Beauty Buster” Lora Condon noting: “Everyone was very surprised to see her there, but definitely excited. Teresa Giudice was gracious and took time to take pictures with all the guests at the Beauty Buster Awards. Her acceptance speech for Youthful 8 Milania Hair Care was extremely passionate and even told how she came about developing the product with her hairstylist.”

The Beauty Buster Awards brought together many of the renowned names in the beauty industry who will be featured in the sequel to Lora’s popular memoir and beauty tome SPA WARS. The new edition, entitled SPA WARS: True Stories From The Beauty Industries Front Lines, will feature stories from celebrity makeup artists, hair stylists for stage and screen, cosmetic visionaries and spa owners. Celebrity interviewer Stephen Marinaro, TheSalonGuy interviewed VIP guests and winners all night including Winner Teresa Guidice, Beauty Accessory Winner Satin Van Cleef, Presenter and spa owner Enrique Ramirez, and Winner Dima Mousselli for Xtreme Lashes. Celebrity Makeup Artist Troy Edwards, celebrity Stylist Ianthe Foushee, Brow Artist Sara Kosmyna, television personality DeeDee Benkie and other VIP’s also joined in the festivities.

Lora Condon with Satin Van Cleef of Vienna Victoria

Television commentator DeeDee Benkie presenting the award for Best Lash Extensions to Dima Mousselli accepting for Xtreme Lashes.

Full List of Winners:

Overall Best Skincare – Control Corrective – The most effective non-prescription medical skin care line on the market

Best Sunscreen – Control Corrective Aroma Matte Day Cream SPF 30 It really is matte, long lasting and anti-aging.

Best Body Moisturizer – Shea Moisture – Organic Raw Shea Butter Baby Eczema Therapy – The best thing I’ve ever found in Target! This dense balm is healing, soothing. If it’s good enough for a babies skin, it’s good enough for mine.

Best Nail Polish – Del Sol Color Change – So much fun to wear and see how it becomes a completely different color in the sun.  Perfect when you don’t have time to change your nail color from day to night!

Best Nail Appliques – OPI Peel Trend Tips, Real Lacquer Strips – These strips are very long lasting and higher end looking than a basic nail design.  Perfect for people that don’t have time to wait for their nails to dry.

Best Overall Hair Care – Davines – The LOVE line is perfect for colored and damaged hair.

Best Specialty Hair Products– Youthful 8 Milania Hair Care – These  3 hair healing products will revolutionize your hair, save it from breaking, frizzing and further damage.  Every girl must have these if they blow-dry, flat-iron, color or straighten their hair.

Best Airbrush Makeup – Temptu – Temptu is the industry leader for airbrush makeup in Hollywood and the best makeup artists in the world.  Once you airbrush, you can never go back.

Best Overall Makeup – Makeup Forever – MUFE really delivers high impact colors, pigment and coverage.

Best Spa Trade Magazine  – American Spa Magazine – The best way for professional spa owners and therapists to stay ahead of the curve and competition.

Best Spa Consumer Magazine  –Spa Finder – A leader in bringing wellness to the spa and educating consumers on what to expect at the best spas or the spa around the corner. Beautiful pictures of places I’ll never be able to afford to go!

Best Lip Treatment  –Herbalife – Lip Refiner SPF 15 – This has a slight plumping, which feels refreshing. It’s so effective, you don’t have to keep reapplying it all day long and of course the SPF clinches this award.

Best Mens Fragrance – FRESH – Cannibis Santal Eau De Parfum – – Sexy, smoky and oh la, la!  Every man loves this fragrance and every woman loves it on them.

Best Womens Fragrance – Ivanka Trump – Another instant classic from my style heroine! A little sweet, a little smoky and a little powder that works for any occasion

Best Tweezers – Anastasia – No hair will left behind!

Best Eyelash Extensions – Jo Mouselli Xtreme – The safest glue, best training and the answer to most of life’s problems is lashes!

Lora with Dima Mousselli of Xtreme Lashes and TV Personality DeeDee Benkie photo by Lora Warnick

Best Body Bronzer – Scott Barnes Body Bling – Body Bling is the reason behind JLO’s glow, need I say more?

Best Glitter Makeup – Eye Kandy- A Jersey girls dream come true. Finally a glitter that stays on all night while fist pumping in the club.

Best Spa Music – Paradise Music – – If you can’t hit the spa, make sure to pick up a few CD’s from their collection to distress, focus and breathe deeply.

Best Ingestible Tinctures – Medicine of the People

From appetite suppressants to liver cleansing, these are safe, all-natural and made in the U.S.A. by Navajo Indians in Arizona.

Best Sore Muscle/Joint Oil – Medicine of the People – Sore Joint Massage Oil – A miracle for sore muscles, tight shoulders and tired feet.

Industry Visionary Leader – Spa Week www.spaweek.comSpa Week was able to allow the general non-spa going public, hit the spas and try treatments they might never experience. It was so successful, us spa junkies started to go to multiple spas in one week. Genius!

Best Scar Repair Treatment – Keloid Care by Dr. Michael Jones. No one wants unsightly scars and this cream makes them disappear or diminish to the point that you can feel confident showing as much skin as possible!

Lora Condon with Genevieve Malandra representing Lexington Plastic Surgeons and Keloid Care

Best Beauty Accessory – Vienna Victoria
A genius idea where your makeup is secretly housed in a piece of Swarovski jewelry.

Attendees enjoyed treats by Posh Pop Cupcakes and fabulous gift bags featuring award-winning product lines to celebrate with the winners. Phase 3 Recovery provided liquid energy and Grace Forster and Karen Biehl of Doggie Moms attended as did EricAndrewNYCSocialite.

Lora Condon with our cupcake sponsor Posh Pop Bakeshop

As a professional makeup artist, a licensed esthetician and the owner of “Magic Hands Skin and Body Spa” in New Jersey and Manhattan, Lora Condon has won 5 awards for her work including “Best Facial” and “Best Treatment” in the National SPA WEEK Awards. As a makeup artist, Lora’s work has appeared in publications such as, Ladies Home Journal, The New York Times, Time Out New York and in spots for Good Morning America, The View, Larry King, CNN, Fox News and ESPN. She is known as the “Lash Dr.” among her celebrity and socialite clientele and she is New York’s premier Xtreme Lash technician, giving mega-watt lash extensions to an elite group. Lora also honed her skills for the perfect brow under “brow guru” Anastasia of Beverly Hills and had the honor of being the New 2012 Pick for Brows in NJ by InStyle Magazine.

In 2012 Lora authored Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry, which brings together her funniest true stories and professional insight gleamed from over 15 years in the industry. Spa Wars received rave reviews and write-ups in the New York Times, New York Magazine, American Spa, Better TV,, Spa Finder and numerous other outlets. The first edition of SPA WARS is available at Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. The new edition of SPA WARS, entitled SPA WARS: True Stories From The Beauty Industries Front Lines is accepting submissions now from beauty industry professionals and is slated for release in early 2014. For more information on Lora, her services, books and events visit and

Brow Artist Sara Kosmyna and Kara from Celebrity Hairstyles

TheSalonGuy Stephen Marinaro and Enrique Ramirez
Teresa Giudice with Stephen "TheSalonGuy"