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Brilliant Design: Every Little Counts

By October 14, 2009No Comments1 min read

By Andrea Pohlot, via LittleDesignerBook

Check out this newly discovered collection of tee’s for the good girl who’s lucky in love…and lucky in bed! For T’s, prices range from $32-$45. For a fashion statement…I’ll take it!


Every Little Counts is an L.A.-based graphic T-shirt company that launched their business for Valentine’s Day 2008. Founder and designer Amy Snider says, “The aim is to connect with the closet romantic; girls and women who secretly believe in a hidden world of romance and drama.”

Although Amy’s company began in 2008, she was hardly new to the business of fashion & design. As a child, she grew up in Massachusetts with an eclectic style and a love for vintage treasures. Amy went on to study fashion at various schools including London College of Fashion. From Europe, she landed in New York and eventually her career brought her to L.A. for even more opportunities.

Now, ELC is enjoying a growing cult following as each collection reveals new treasures unlike the season before. See what other voices in fashion have had to say about Every Little Counts.

And now, Amy’s brand new fall line has just been introduced. Click here to pre-order these pieces!