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Jeans: Try on a new pair this Fall

By October 14, 2009October 23rd, 2009No Comments3 min read

By Saira Toppin

Here is the skinny on this season’s hot brands. Paper Denim & Co, Citizens of Humanity and G-Star are still brilliant brands, but let’s try something different. Some new found faves: [Blank] jeans and No-l-ita De Nimes. And an always favorite: Earnest Sewn.


[Blank] jeans are a good buy. They brand themselves as “premium jeans without the premium price tag.” Now that’s a good look. [Blank] jeans are showing up everywhere. The line started in ’07 and they have been featured in Style Weekly, Us Weekly, People, and other popular magazines. Having already tried these jeans on, I can see why they are all over the place. They offer the skinny fits and hard-edged details such as silver studs on the back pockets, but are comfy and not too clingy at the same time. When trying to find a quality pair of jeans, the quest should be simple, just fill in the [Blank].


No-l-ita De Nimes, also established two years ago in the U.S. (8 years ago in Italy), is an exciting clothing company that presents its individuality through their jeans. There are a lot of companies that have carefully crafted designs on their back pockets like True Religion and Robin’s Jeans. Or others that like to work the front like Guess or J Brand. No-l-ita De Nimes needs to be added to both lists, especially for their creative front designs. Some of their jeans feature an “N” on the back pocket done in many different ways, either with a plain N in yellow-gold thread, or colorful gems. Some front patterns are shredded like The New Ripple style, or have flowers on the bottom on The Freaky style. This type of adornment isn’t for classical denim purists, but will be sure to win a lot of fans for those looking for something different.



Earnest Sewn are jeans made for the model-figured female (and male too), meaning they are extra long. The Harlan style skinny jean is a good choice if you fit the mold. They have a soft cotton feel and are not too heavy, therefore not wearing you down. Save that for the five-inch heels on your feet! This jeans company says they set themselves apart from the rest by “consistency in concept and strong lifestyle identity.” Their motto works for them and does distinguish their line amongst the crowd by providing its buyers with not only skinny jeans but flare, boot cut, and wide leg trouser styles.


As far as pricing goes, the jeans can be listed in this order: [Blank] jeans, earnest sewn, and then No-l-ita De Nimes. [Blank]’s cheapest pair is under $50 (if you look) and No-l-ita goes up to $400 a pair with earnest sewn in between with the $100-$250 range. Visit these sites for more Earnest Sewn [Blank] and No-l-ita De Nimes