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SAVE THE DATE: Meet The Lash Dr. Dec. 5th at THE WOMEN’S MAFIA INSIDER’S LOUNGE- A Highly Productive Day At The Spa

By November 24, 2009No Comments5 min read

On Saturday December 5th from 3-7pm we are hosting The Women’s Mafia Insider’s Lounge: A Highly Productive Day At the Spa in Manhattan, an exclusive event where attendees will get to sample delectable spa and beauty treatments from top experts like The Lash Dr., Lora Condon, shop from Women’s Mafia endorsed fashion and jewelry designers and enjoy catering by our favorite baker Tawny Ong and chef Samantha Hewmour.

Invitations will go out this week for members of the Women’s Mafia and special guests. RSVP to to reserve a session with The Lash Dr. Lora Condon and others!

The Prescription For Beautiful Lashes From The Lash Dr.

by, Lora Condon, The Lash Dr.
There are two things in life women think can never be too big.  Dirty minds behave; I’m talking about lashes and diamonds!  While diamonds are beautiful, lashes are sexy.  Big diamonds say, “Look at me, I’m big and flashy.” Lashes say, “You know you want me, I’m subtle and sexy.”  I’ve always been obsessed with eyelashes and when I got the opportunity to become a lash extension stylist, I didn’t bat an eye, “lash”.

The past few years I have seen so many women come to me with horrific, damaged lashes from people applying them with no training, no license and no clue!  It has become my passion to spread the word about how to get the most professional and safe eyelash extension  application.  I’ll go over the most common questions and teach you what to look for in the stylist applying your extensions.

What exactly are eyelash extensions and are they permanent or the same as drug store lashes?
Eyelash extensions are curled, single synthetic strands that look like real eyelashes. They do not have the bulb like end or strip that traditional false lashes have.  Lashes you apply from the drug store will last one day.  Lash extensions will last a few weeks and fall out when your natural lash falls out.  Natural lashes fall out approximately every four weeks so touch-ups are needed every 2-4 weeks to keep your lashes looking full.

How are they applied?
Each lash extension is glued approximately 1 mm from the base of your natural lash.  The extension never touches your skin, which is why people with sensitive eyes usually don’t have a reaction to lash extensions.  The glue used is the same glue that is used for sutureless wounds and the reason the lashes last so long.  You must have an existing lash for the extension to be applied.

What exactly are clusters?

Clusters are 4 or 5 lashes in a cluster with a bulb at the end where the lashes come together.  These are never really recommended for true eyelash extensions.  When clusters are applied, the bulb will affix itself to 2-5 of your natural lashes.  When this bulb falls out, it will take all those attached lashes at one time and you’ll be left with a big hole.  Clusters are also very heavy and don’t last as long because your natural lash can’t support the cluster.  Clusters also give a very fake look.  Since all the cluster lashes are the same length, you’ll look very similar to Tammy Faye Baker.  If that’s the look you’re going for, you’ll love clusters.  I suggest NOT getting clusters.

How do I know where to go for my extensions?
Since you’re dealing with your face and eyes, please do some research.  See if they have before and after pictures or find someone who had their lashes applied by them.  After doing some research, you’ll be able to see what looks good and what does not.  Go to the websites of the main eyelash extension companies and see what their before and after pictures look like.  Go to the practitioners they recommend and are certified with the company.  This should ensure some professionalism, continuity and safety.  You don’t have to go to the most expensive person to get quality, but if most people charge $250 and someone is charging $100, it is almost a guarantee they are not a qualified professional.

Can I get extensions if I am having chemotherapy?
NO.  In order to apply an extension, you must have a lash.  If your lashes fall out then your extension will go with it.  Traditionally, after chemotherapy the patient is put on post-chemo medication.  This medication sometimes interferes with the ability of the glue to adhere to the lash.  After chemo when your lashes return, you may be able to get extensions, but you may need touch ups every week or two.  Plus, the lashes are very weak and might not support the lashes.  Be sure the lashes used are ultra thin and light for your new lashes.

How do I take care of my extensions to make them last as long as possible?
If your lashes were applied correctly, you will go for touch ups every 2-4 weeks depending on how full you want them to look at any given time.  In the first 24 hours, it is important to not get your lashes wet.  Steam and water will loosen the glue and separate the lash from the extension.  Since oil dissolves the glue, it is important to use a 100% oil free makeup remover on your eyes.  Be wary of oil free makeup removers not approved of by the lash extension company.  By FDA standards, products only need to be 70% oil free to say they’re oil free!!  Glycerin is an oil and in almost all oil free makeup removers.

Be careful with your lashes.  Try not to sleep with your face crunched into the pillow!  Do not harshly rub your lashes. Be careful with contact lens solution.  This can have oil in it.  Use an oil free solution.  Be careful with eye pencils and shadows.  Try not to get them on the lashes as you go along the lash line.

Most of all enjoy your new, luscious lashes and stay on schedule for your touch-ups.