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TALENT: Exclusive Women’s Mafia Q&A with Nathan Morris, Pop Music’s Rising Star

By November 9, 2009November 13th, 2009No Comments4 min read


By Marcy Clark

Take heart ladies, there are some genuinely sweet, romantic and talented gentlemen out there – and pop artist Nathan Morris, a quickly rising star, is one of them! Some Women’s Mafia members and I met Nathan at a fabulous event hosted by the charity History Starts now and this Southern Gentleman couldn’t have been more approachable, or fun. We soon scheduled an exclusive TALENT interview with him, which you can enjoy below… Did I mention that he serenaded us in the elevator?

NathanMorris1Women’s Mafia: So Nathan, you are a recording artist, a model, an actor and a very sweet and genuine guy… How do you do it all?!?

Thank you. I believe it’s about building a solid personal foundation. Not just any foundation, but one that you know will stand firm through anything. It’s great to surround yourself with individuals who have your best interest in mind; ones that will give you an extra push that’s not there when you’re alone. Balancing all these things gets a little lighter with the help of a good team. For that, I’m grateful.

WM: When we met you told me that you like to write and sing about “one love,” and that you have a deep respect for women and commitment because your mother was an amazing single mom. How do you think that makes you different than other current pop stars? Is it hard to remember those values and stay grounded when dividing your time between Nashville and LA and constant exciting projects?

The ultimate reward comes from letting people know that they’re important and worth something. Mom always reminded us that it’s our duty to respect and love people, regardless of our circumstances. This life isn’t all about the “feel good,” selfish needs, so I try to check myself daily in those regards. I’m not one to judge others, but I do know that the stereotype of a pop artist isn’t always true… at least not for me.

I am pretty close to home even when I travel. Maybe it’s through a photo that I carry, a daily phone call to Mom, or having my manager nearby, but it helps keep me grounded. It’s such a blessing to have that sort of accountability to help keep things in check and in the right perspective.

WM: When did you first start to think that you could make it as a pop artist? When did you know?
I’ve never had a backup plan. From the age of 16, I’ve always known that this was it for me, regardless. I had absolutely no game plan at the time and it was a big risk. The risk was enhanced by the reminders of my conservative family to, “get an education, get a good job, and support a family.” Nonetheless, I love this industry. It’s so up and down, but the rewards are great.

WM: What inspired your newest iTunes hit “Just Me, Just You”? Can you share some insight into this beautiful song?
There was a time this year, before I started recording demos, when I dated someone that was in college and working towards her degree. During school, she left to study abroad in France and the distance became too much for her. I wanted to write a song letting people know, girls especially, that they are worth fighting for. I don’t think they’re told that enough; that they’re beautiful, smart, smell nice, etc. Women have so much pressure on them, so “Just Me, Just You” was written to say that I know it’s not always easy, but I’m willing to take this day by day and fight for you because you’re worth it… you’re important to me, and you’re worth it.

WM: What can the Women’s Mafia make happen for you?
I want your readers to know that they are beautiful, strong, needed and wanted, and there are gentlemen around you who take notice… I, Nathan Morris, am one of them. When you spread the word and support my career, you help me sustain a living through art. Thanks so much… Live Love.

WM: Lastly, When will you next be in New York? Can we all come to your show?
My next trip to New York hasn’t been scheduled just yet, but I hope that it’s sooner than later. I absolutely love the city and the people that I encounter. I’d love for you to come to a show. Afterwards, we’ll exchange high fives, hang out, and laugh!

Check out Nathan Morris new album on itunes and his website – and make sure you are signed up for the Women’s Mafia list to get the scoop on his next show!