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Volcom, Edgy Fashion with a Purpose

By November 19, 2009No Comments2 min read

By Saira Toppin

“Giving Back.” This has always been a key characteristic of a fine individual or prestigious company. All over the world, there are people who suddenly enter unfortunate or unlucky situations.

volcomTheir once fine, proud lives have been shattered by domestic violence, natural disasters, or terminal illnesses. The government and non-profit organizations provide support to alleviate the issue, but another sector is doing their share. Lucrative fashion companies are supporting those in need. Ralph Lauren has The Pink Pony Fund and Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention, Diane Von Furstenburg has Vital Voices, and Donna Karan has The Urban Zen Foundation.

Volcom, super cool fashion brand based in California, has teamed up with National Coalition for the Homeless to do their part to help fellow Americans.

They are saving denim that has been thrown to the back of the closet by giving it a new owner—specifically an owner that needs it!

They are issuing a call to action to give jeans a chance—bring your unwanted jeans to a participating local store for donation! Not to mention if you donate a pair of jeans, you earn a chance to win a year supply of Volcom Brand Jeans.

There are literally TONS of stores participating, and you can check out the list on the web site. Please click the photo below and take a minute to watch the totally fun video explaining the campaign. It is truly hilarious! Clicking on this link will also take you to the video:

Support this initiative and you have a chance to gain something for yourself: a Year’s Supply of Denim. You know you want it. Go out and “give back.”