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Dresses With Pockets: Effortlessly Mysterious

By January 5, 2010January 11th, 2010No Comments2 min read

By Saira Toppin

Dresses with pockets have been around for years and seem to be a trend that will succeed for a long time. Women have adorned both elegant and simple dresses, and taken it up a notch in some way shape or form. First, notice the additional dimensions added by pockets in this dress from Gucci Spring 2010.


What makes dresses with pockets so special? What secret does your left hand hold while the other graciously holds a glass of champagne? I’ll leave that to your imagination, even though the image may appear dull. These pockets are more like an accessory.  Some may put their keys, Metrocard, lipstick, etc. This way only a small clutch is needed that day when going to catch a quick film or a light picnic lunch with a beau. However, many do not even place their hands in these convenient warmers. If you aren’t to place your hands in these delicate slits then what should they be used for? Simply put, they add to the look of the dress.

Many designers have been using the concept of pockets with their designs, by either making them direct and apparent, or just making them blend casually. Dresses with pockets can be in the halter, tube, one-shoulder, strapped style, and many more. Here are some affordable choices and top designer favorites.

Here we have the “Monogram Lace-Print” dress from Banana Republic. This dress is 100% silk.  This is an excellent everyday piece that does not need to be dressed up. Price, $149.


“Button-Down Day Dress” by Christian Dior. This belted navy blue dress with white polka dots is perfect for the office. It is available at Neiman Marcus for $2,690.


This Collette Dinnigan dress is from her Spring 2010 Collection. It is a more elegant choice than the above featured pieces. This dress would be most appropriate for a gala or special event.


Our last dress is by French Connection. It is a piper cotton dress. This is a cute little number that could be worn at any cocktail party. Available at for $106.80.


What will you be hiding in your pockets?