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Some Like It Hot (Pink)

By January 25, 2010No Comments2 min read

by Rick Weaver, for Women’s Mafia and Icon-Americana

If red is hot, then hot pink is fire as modeled by fashion icons who have scorched the red carpet lately.

From Sarah Jessica Parker’s head-turning entrance at the premier of “Did You Hear about the Morgans?” to Kerry Washington’s dazzling presence at the opening of the Broadway play “Race,” these celebrities prove that hot colors can be used effectively to create elegantly stunning looks. Mavis Spencer and Selena Gomez also sparkled at the Golden Globe Awards and UNICEF Ball in December.

But don’t pink and red clash? Doesn’t it go against some long-standing fashion principle not to wear red and pink together (in the same outfit)? As fashion rules evolve, Elizabeth Hurly shows pink can look amazing not only against the red carpet, but while matched side by side with solid red to produce visually harmonic effects. Megan Fox rocked similar effects when matching her Giorgio Armani Prive dress with Russian red heels earlier this year at the Moscow premier of the Transformers sequel.

Not hot enough? Rose McGowan’s entrance at the International Film Festival in Rome in a gown inspired by Marilyn Monroe is enough in my opinion to inspire a modern retelling of an American movie classic: let’s re-title it “Some Like It Hot (Pink)”.

Of course, no fashion piece is complete without some mention of shoes. Holly Madison sizzles the red carpet in a little black dress finished off with a pair of hot pink Christian Louboutin Claudia Ankle-Strap sandals.

Someone call the Fire Department…HOT!
Images: Zimbio.Com

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