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Simmering with Samantha: Pancakes and Evolution

By January 25, 2010No Comments2 min read

By Samantha Hew, Founder of Hewmour Catering

“Pancakes with bacon and syrup??? Eww!” And so begins the story my friend explains as her Pancake Revolution. It continues in her own words..

The American shows and films I had watched told me this was a reality and a staple but until it was my turn to sample the dish on my arrival in NY, I had never really given it much thought. And when I did, it was, “Eww!” She had her first bite of her early morning breakfast after a drunken night on the town and then wolfed the rest down. Her addiction was complete.

Soon she needed more. She would whip up pancakes at all hours of the day experimenting with onions in the batter, cream cheese on the pancake, salmon as a topping, pancakes with nuts, pancakes with chocolate. She fell in love with a boy, she cooked him pancakes, her heart was broken, she cooked herself more pancakes. They fed and sustained her in more than just the physical. They loved her and they healed her.

She would tell a few others about how they could improve their pancakes in simple ways.. “Onions in pancakes??” And always after a moments reflection; “Hmmm, onions in pancakes..” And then after a few more moments thought; “I want those pancakes.”

The original response of “you’re messing with a staple” would soon be followed by “you need to tell people about this. Hell, you need to make people this.”

A year after her first syrupy bacony pancake enlightenment, a piece of cardboard was utilized in a flow of inspiration and 13 of her favorite recipes were downloaded in the form of a menu. She showed it to me the same day and I knew before I opened it that The Pancake Shop that I was introduced to on the front promised that what was inside was the real thing. We high-fived and our partnership was sealed.

Small steps and high hopes and no expectations are the recipe. From a kitchen in Park Slope, The Pancake Shop has officially been born. Home deliveries today, perhaps a food truck tomorrow. Making people happy is the goal. And today our first customer has helped us achieve that.

And today’s blog that began as a story of passion’s natural path will end on a note of a marketing nature. Find out more about pancake love here:

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