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Keith Lissner Fall 2010

By February 15, 2010February 16th, 2010No Comments1 min read

By Saira Toppin

The Keith Lissner collection was reminiscent of the classical era. The color scheme included gold, silver, red, black, and blue. Other colors have made its way into the collection, but the gold has shone through. Shining through and displaying one’s acquisitions is definitely the theme for this collection. Most of the pieces will glisten in the afternoon sun of the upcoming fall season; sure to be a head turner.

The pieces spread across a wide spectrum featuring gowns, chic satin pants, and cropped jackets. Cocktail dresses galore. There were some with gold lace, strapless, ruby sequins, and much more. One will undoubtedly have something to wear for all occasions providing they shop Keith Lissner.