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“New Faces” Art Opening in Southampton: Featuring Women’s Mafia Member Jodi Leib

By August 6, 2010No Comments3 min read

NEW FACES featuring “New Faces” artists include Jodi Leib, Marianne Mitchell, James Berenson, Mary Hughes, Perci Chester, Wanda Murphy and Paul Kwok.

Exhibition honoring influential collector and gallerist Dorothy Blau

Saturday, August 7th
136 Main Street at the Old Posthouse
Southampton, NY 11968
Ph: (631) 204-0442

Women’s Mafia member Jodi Leib is a multimedia artist and filmmaker. Her work displays an unconventional philosophy dedicated to cultural awareness and resolving conflict. Her paintings have shown in New York, Connecticut, and Detroit, where many of her paintings reside in private collections.

Jodi Leib’s artistic style is bold, colorful, raw, and edgy. She explores themes related to sexuality, war, relationships, harmony, violence, and music. Her brush strokes are broad and varied, sometimes using fine lines and geometrical shapes and other times liberally painting through improvisation.

She joins Dorothy Blau’s “New Faces” at Bego Ezair Gallery from July 3 – September 6, 2010, with a reception held on Saturday, August 7th from 6:00-8:00pm. Dorothy Blau’s career spans 53 years, from her gallery in Bal Harbour, FL and internationally with renowned artists including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Hans Hofmann. In this exhibition, “New Faces” artists include Jodi Leib, James Berenson, Mary Hughes, Perci Chester, and Paul Kwok.

Jodi Leib’s artwork has shown in exhibitions for Iraq Moratorium, GLAAD, AdCraft Club of Detroit, and New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. Her short films, Woman’s Solitude and Red Love Redemption, have shown at film festivals and screenings including the Laemmle Theaters, Wine Country Film Festival, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, New York International Independent Film & Video Festival and the Screen Actors Guild. Her current project Monday’s Child is a dramatic feature length film about women’s reproductive health.

Enjoy an exclusive Q&A with Jodi below and images of her work and other work featured in the show:

WM: What is your artwork about?
JL: My artwork tells the story of what it is to be American today. There’s a lot of identity confusion about who we are in the world from the global perspective and uncertainty about what will be in the future. My paintings identify these feelings of displacement and yet transform them into feelings of hope.

WM: Why do you choose to take a political stand with your work?
JL: Politics is not a dirty word and still people are ashamed to align themselves with political causes. If anything, my artwork seeks to build bridges by generating cultural awareness and transformation.

WM: What is your signature style?
JL: I choose to work in broad colorful strokes that represent the vibrancy of our culture. I keep a raw edge to communicate subtext and the inner conflict I mentioned.

WM: Where are you headed as an artist?
JL: I will continue to use art as a way to mirror our inner realities and to put forth beauty that speaks to a generation looking for direction and positive role models. I want my art to inspire thought, passion, and heroism – to reflect our time.

Jodi Leib’s art portfolio download:

Other Very Talented Featured Artists in the Show:

Marianne Mitchell

James Berenson & Mary Hughes

Perci Chester

Wanda Murphy