Buckler Spring / Summer 2011

By September 12, 2010Fashion, Fashion Week

By Sonja Leix

Buckler’s Spring 2011 Collection was inspired by the German modernists’ school, Bauhaus, and the 1924 Olympics.

Both the Bauhaus and the 1924 Olympics represent ardent optimism and a belief in the future. Buckler’s collection is influence by the Bauhaus principle¬†“less is more” using linens and cottons in the color palette old white, navy, silver grey, red and khaki with minimalistic stripe details and different colored collars. The looks were complimented with bags from The Madly.

Buckler’s collection presented shorts, polos, shirts, blazers and jackets with interesting minimalistic details like striped pattern and different colored collars for the young modern man.

(Photos by Women’s Mafia)


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