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Six Ballroom Trends That Are Influencing Fashion Catwalks

By May 22, 2012June 14th, 2012No Comments2 min read

The Ballroom Dance industry has experienced an explosive rise in popularity as a result of hit reality television shows including “So You think You Can Dance,” “Dancing with the Stars“ and “America’s Best Dance Crew,” which have reinforced dance as not just an art form but also as a means of self-improvement. With every major network having jumped on the dance reality television bandwagon, Ballroom dance has become an accessible and enjoyable art for both dance fanatics and non-dance audiences.

Dore Designs, a top international dance apparel brand, can be seen on the amazing young dancers of the reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance,” and on the global stage in national and international dance competitions. With the largest international ballroom competition coming up this next week in Blackpool England, we decided to ask Dore Designs CEO and head designer Dawn Smart about the top Fashion Trends in Dance and which ones are influencing the global fashion markets. Here are her pics:

Bright Color Combinations

Professional dancer Maria-Khristina Shurupova in Dore Designs

CrOp by David Peck Spring 12

Nude and Lace

Anna Kovalova in Dore Designs with Roman Kutskyy

Marchesa NYFW 2012

Use of 3-D Elements and Texture

McQ at London FW 2012


Jenny Solosky and William Stansbury in Dore Designs

Zac Posen FW 2012

Hand Painted Prints

Costello Tagliapietra Fall 2011 Hand-Painted Dress

Beading and Crystals

Dore Designs 2012 Latin Rythms Couture

Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2012

“In designing for Ballroom champions, I get to dress another world,” explains Smart. “Fashion in the ballroom world is about movement and telling a story as part of a duet.” Inspired by designers such as Valentino, Versace and Alexander McQueen, for their use of luxurious materials and impeccable, intricate construction, Dawn Smart characterizes her own creations as classic, form-fitting wears with a luxurious feel inside and out.

About Dore Designs:

Dore Designs is an industry leader in the United States for Ballroom fashion. The company sponsors 42 professional and amateur couples in the United States and Canada. Dore Designs can be seen across the globe on world champions, finalists and dance novices. The future success of Dore Designs will be expended by couture and ready-to-wear lines for evening, as well as practice wear that can be customized for dance studios to brand themselves. For more on Dawn Smart and Dore Designs visit and “like” them on Facebook to stay abreast of their latest designs