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Dress Like A Princess: Royal Fashion Stylist Engie Hassan Shares Her Sartorial Wisdom With The Masses

By May 10, 2012August 3rd, 2012No Comments4 min read

Fashion Stylist Engie Hassan dresses some of the most glamorous women and men in the world. Engie has styled and personally shopped for royalty such as Princess Ameerah Al Taweel, celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Lady Gaga and Kelly Choi, as well as a bevy of editors and models during Fashion’s key happenings including Mercedes Benz fashion week and The Met Gala. An alum Vogue, Paris Vogue, Teen Vogue and Numero, Engie is no stranger to glamorous clientele and the challenging work that comes with it.

As it is Engie’s work with Royalty that always inspires the most fascination and questions, Engie is generously sharing her sartorial insights on dressing Royalty and how all women can apply this wisdom in building their own closets.

What is the best part of dressing a client like Princess Ameerah?

We grow up believing that we are princesses and dress up like them. I grew up watching my mother dress like princess Diana; she was my style icon.  So now being able to dress a real life princess is a surreal experience.  It is an amazing feeling; I feel privileged and simply honored. She is part of so many different important projects and touches so many lives. She is the face of a country. I get to put my concept and theory of fashion on an amazingly influential person. But most of all, the princess is a sweet person and I’m thankful to work with people like her.

Who would you say are the best-dressed royals of recent times?

  1. Princess Diana
  2. Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco
  3. Princess Ameerah Al Taweel of Saudi Arabia
  4. Princess Charlotte of Monaco
  5. Queen Rania of Jordan

Princess Ameerah styled by Engie Hassan

Queen Rania of Jordan

What current trends can be incorporated into elegant Royal Style?

Wearing sheer tops can be given a royal touch by adding a brooch, pearls, or the proper accessories. Most looks for royalty only need one, or at max two, bold statement pieces, such as a precious stone bracelet. Of course, always wear proper undergarments.

Instead of wearing a jacquard blazer with jeans, for Royal styling I would switch out the jeans for very well-tailored pants or a skirt for the princess.

Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco

Evening wear should be updated with more glamour by making it more conservative. If the dress were to be strapless then it should be a sheer blush pink or a royal purple, and definitely no brights. It should also be covered up with a silk scarf around the neck.

How can women without royal titles emulate our favorite Royal styles?

You can add elegance to our everyday looks with accessories such as shawls or short gloves. A lot of styles are moving toward femme chic, which is very royal. These styles include feminine prints and fabrics. Also softer palettes and more conservative silhouettes embody the timeless style that Royals need to showcase.

What are the most challenging aspects of dressing royalty?

The time constraints always offer a good challenge My Royal clients are only in the United States for a limited amount of time each visit, so things have to be done efficiently and without mistakes.

Fashion-wise, it is making sure that she is always a trendsetter, but that the trends are making her more of an icon and are appropriate for all of the different roles she plays, such as being a part of an important event such as the Clinton Global Initiative. We have to make sure that the style, cut and even the color are always proper and relevant for each event.

Princess Amira Al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia arrives at the Clinton Global Initiative Reception at the Museum of Modern Art in New York September 21, 2011. REUTERS/Allison Joyce (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ROYALS)

In January 2010, Engie Hassan made her official entrance into styling professionally with the launch of her company EngieStyle. Through referrals from contacts made by networking in the fashion world, Engie quickly gained an elite clientele for styling projects. Her impeccable work can be seen on the red carpet and runways, as well as in magazines, print media and commercials. With a degree from FIT and an MA from NYU, as well as work experience at Vogue, Paris Vogue, Teen Vogue and Numero, Engie had the opportunity to work with some of the most sought after fashion stylists, editors, and photographers, providing her with a rare glimpse into the industry.

Engie pairs her vast experience with her innate and remarkable ability to style her clients in any way they would like to be perceived, while always maintaining their elegance. An avid traveler, Engie understands and draws from the fashions of different cultures, which has garnered her clients the world over. With modern energy and great flair, EngieStyle continues to offer exceptional style and service to clients by providing them with a highly personalized and unique experience. As of April 2011, Engie Hassan is the official Fashion Stylist for which is part of the Bauer Teen Network.

For more details on Engie Hassan and EngieStyle’s broad array of expert services, visit or call her agents Marcy Clark and Alex Beitler at Yellow Sky Agency, 212.729.9619.