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Venexiana Fall/Winter 2013

By February 28, 2013No Comments1 min read

by Bianca Rada and Marcy Clark

Designer Kati Stern presented her newest collection of sumptuous gowns at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. True to form, it was a pure gown collection, every dress more beautiful than the last and Kati once again showed that she is one of the most prolific designers at Fashion Week. She featured rich fabrics, beautiful colors and memorable details. Featuring her signature choice of energizing rock music, the dresses featured embellishment, shine, velvet and a variety of textures and hues.  It was rock-n-roll haute couture. Our friends from Tela Design Studio run by the famous hair stylist Philip Pelusi did great work once again with the glamorous and inventive hairstyle.

Images via Mercedes Benz Fashion Week