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TALENT Q&A with Denise of Pip’s Place, the Gluten Free Cakery!

By September 5, 2013No Comments4 min read
Pip’s Place NYC is not only the new and upcoming popular bakery; it’s the Gluten Free Cakery!
By Juliana Harris

Pip’s Place is an upscale bakery and all of the treats are 100% gluten free! The owner and founder Denise always had a passion for baking. Denise opened Pip’s Place after her daughter, Olivia aka “Pip”, was diagnosed with Celiac disease and was on a new dietary restriction including gluten free foods. She wanted her daughter to still enjoy her favorite treats, so she spent years experimenting and changing her recipes to gluten free while still tasting the same as before. Denise loves baking these tasty gluten free treats for not only her daughter, but for the rest of the world who shares the same dietary restriction. It’s important to her that everyone is able to enjoy their favorite desserts no matter what their dietary preference or restrictions are.

The healthy and delicious bakery has two convenient locations right here in Manhattan. One is located on First Avenue in between 89th and 90th street, and the second location is at east 39th street and Lexington Avenue. The unique bakery delivers to all 5 boroughs of New York and ships throughout North America. The Bakery has been featured in in the press numerous times including: The New York Times, Daily News, CBS, Next Magazine and Sean Weber’s Snack Fixation.

Pip’s Place is the bakery to visit if you’re looking to enjoy something that’s usually impossible to find: treats that are both deliciously sweet and healthy!


Women’s Mafia: Where/how did you get the inspiration to make gluten free treats?
Denise: Olivia, my daughter whose nick name is Pippi is the reason I started Pip’s Place.  This is for her and everyone like her who has to eat gluten free.
Women’s Mafia: What else makes Pip’s treats unique besides the gluten free aspect?
Denise: Pip’s treats are special because they are 100% certified gluten free but they taste like they aren’t.  Most of our recipes are my family recipes baked for generations not gluten free.  I spent 5 years trying to get them to taste like the past so Olivia could enjoy her favorites.

Women’s Mafia: How would you like Pip’s Place to evolve in the next 10 years?
Denise: I believe Pip’s Place will become a National company over the next 10 years.  We had 51,000 guests in our first location during the first 12 months.  I can only imagine how many people we could help enjoy great tasting, home made gluten free treats if we had a Pip’s in every major city!
Women’s Mafia: Describe your creations in 5 words.
Denise: special, heart-warming, passionate, community, joy
Women’s Mafia: Who/what influenced you the most to open up this bakery?
Denise: My husband and children were the driving force because the kids grew up having only home made treats.  My husband wanted me to find a new passion because our last child (Pip) was leaving for college and I needed to fill the void.  And, my friends, who loved what I baked and encouraged me to go for it.
Women’s Mafia: What aspect of this business do you enjoy most?
Denise: I enjoy 2 parts – first the kitchen.  The smells take me back to when my children were small or when I was a child and visited my nana’s house.  I also enjoy my customers.  I love the community that I have created – the stories, the encouragement and the relationships.
Women’s Mafia: Do you have any successful tips that Women’s Mafia members can learn from?
Denise: As a women starting a business after being a stay-at-home Mom for 22 years – don’t be afraid.  Follow the dream and don’t give up.  As a gluten free baker – don’t quit when you fail the first, second or fifth time.  You will get it – keep tweaking the recipe.
I would suggest that being gluten free isn’t a diet, it is a life style and being able to help so many people maintain their health and give them real, freshly baked treats is worth all the work.

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