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Exclusive: Women’s Mafia Interview with Rent A Gent Founder Sara Shikhman

By February 14, 2014No Comments3 min read

Ed note: Sara Shikhman and her clever, controversial and daring new company Rent A Gent is off to a roaring start and is taking the media by storm. Longtime Women’s Mafia member, model and actress Lorianna Izrailova scored an exclusive interview with Sara and we have the skinny on her superstar start-up.

By Lorianna Izrailova

WM: What’s Rent A Gent?

SS: Rent a Gent is a new entertainment service for successful women. All of our gents are handsome, smart, and talented. Their skills range from cooking, bar tending, cleaning, dancing, singing, to poetry, karate and breakdancing.

WM: How’d you get the idea for Rent A Gent?

SS: I attended a few boring bachelorette parties where the oily guy who showed up at the door looked nothing like the guy we selected. I also had an ex’s birthday party to attend and wanted to bring a super hot date, the kind that would turn heads, but could’t find anyone on short notice.

Rent A Gent Founder Sara Shikhman

Women’s Mafia: Is Rent A Gent only for single women?

Sara Shikhman: Rent A Gent is for any woman who’s successful, confident and has a busy social calendar.

WM: Is Rent A Gent expensive?

SS: It’s less expensive than a pair of Louboutins.

WM: Is Rent A Gent available outside of NYC?

SS: Rent A Gent is currently available in NY, NJ, PA, DC, DE, MD, and VA. We are rapidly expanding to other locations including Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

WM: How many gents are there?

SS: We currently have 22 gents with a range of talents, selected from the over 1000 who applied to work with us.

WM: What’s a gent?

SS: A gent is a gentleman who’s handsome, smart, and talented.

WM: Valentine’s Day is coming up, is this a busy time for you?

SS: Since we’ve opened a few months ago and appeared in magazines and on TV the service is becoming more and more popular.

WM: What makes these men so special?

SS: They represent the top 1% of the men who applied to work with us, they are tall, have six packs, look even better in person than on their pictures, and are intelligent.

WM: What can the gents do?

SS: Each gent has his own unique set of talents. We are only limited by our own imaginations here. Want him to paint your toe nails? He can do that too.

WM: How do you find these guys?

SS: We post our job ads on the major career websites, plus the acting and modeling boards.

WM: What’s the craziest thing anyone has booked a gent for?

SS: Skydiving.

WM: What’s the most common activity people do with a gent?

SS: Dinner.

WM: Who’s the most popular gent?

SS: Eric.

WM: Did you ever use a gent yourself?

SS: Yes :-)

Sara Shikhman

Co-Founder and CEO, Rent A Gent

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