ICONS event images by Marc Deliz
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Thank you Marc Deliz for your incredible images capturing our ICONS Gala to benefit ReachWithin.org! Marc, a NY actor, photographer and artist, is working on his first book of Magical Realism photographs. Check him out, …

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Mischka Velasco Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show

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by Beth Vickerman

On Sunday the 7th of September, Mischka Velasco showcased 26 looks for the spring/summer season. Last Rites Tattoo Gallery was buzzing with over 250 guests attending the show; exceeding the designed capacity of 200. Although it took a while to get everybody into the venue the show was certainly worth the wait.

Velasco is a New York based designer for both womenswear and menswear. Everything is designed and produced locally in her Soho studio. Velasco’s designs are unique as she embraces different fabrics than other designers in her collections. Feathers ruled the Velasco runway. Sometimes the feathers were the main substance of a dress and other times they were to add an edge, like a feathered neckpiece featured in the menswear collection.

The 26 looks ranged from the astronomy inspired onesie for the meanswear to the heavily feathered dresses in the womenswear.  She also featured silk gowns with pearl details, quite well made tweed shorts, lingerie looks with money printed fabrics and quirky crop tops. The contrasting looks kept the guests constantly engaged, as nobody knew what was going to follow each look. This was the beauty of Velasco collection. www.mischkavelasco.com

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