ICONS event images by Marc Deliz
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Thank you Marc Deliz for your incredible images capturing our ICONS Gala to benefit ReachWithin.org! Marc, a NY actor, photographer and artist, is working on his first book of Magical Realism photographs. Check him out, …

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popular trends, especially in style or dress


a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the senses.


social activities or entertainment available at night in a city


the expression or application of human creative skill or imagination


a natural aptitude or skill

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ICONS event Images by Darragh Dandurand

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We love Darragh Dandurand’s spirited, fun and energetic images from the Women’s Mafia ICONS event on Oct. 6th. You really captured everyone’s beauty Darragh – thank you!



10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_03 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_01 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_0510-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_04 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_06 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_07 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_09 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_11 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_12 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_13 img_259210-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_16 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_17 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_18 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_19 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_21  10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_23 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_24 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_25 10-6-2016_icons_womensmafia_darraghdandurand_29

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