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Belegenza: 100% Natural Hair and Skincare

By August 12, 2009October 1st, 2009No Comments1 min read

I have been using Belegenza for months for my hair and I swear by their all natural (even edible!) ingredients and formulations. Our friends at FashionIndie did a great post about them.

via FashionIndie

Belegenza Working To Bring The Best Products To You!

When we gave you our ten “Summer Beauty Must Haves“, you may have noticed a few products by Belegenza. But the hair company’s SpotLite Shine and RoMANce Deep Conditioning treatments aren’t the only thing to rave about. When the company first launched, they were on a mission. Any natural products that had already been released were a trade-off; you were giving up luscious locks to go green, something everyone wanted to avoid. So they tackled the dilemma. Bringing everyone high-quality beauty products that didn’t kill your hair or the trees. All of Belegenza’s products are 100% natural and give you that super-silky head of hair that you’ve always dreamed about.

Look for more on Belegenza coming soon, including an interview with the founder.