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Anton Skorubsky Kandinsky Presents “China-ism”

By September 28, 2009October 18th, 2009No Comments3 min read

We have the great privilege of co-hosting and spreading the word about the most exciting Chelsea Art Event of the season!

Anton S. Kandinsky New York Exhibit

“China-ism” is the new solo exhibition by Anton Skorubsky Kandinsky, the great-grandson of Wassily Kandinsky, whose collections feature themes of inter-nationalism, greed and political ideology and are selling very well nationally and internationally. His new show opens Oct. 1st from 6-8pm at Art Next Gallery in New York (530 West 25th St. 3rd Floor) and specially invited guests include: Marc Ecko (Curated previous show of his work), Axel Rose (Kandinsky’s work featured in “Chinese Democracy” album art), Beth Rudin DeWoody (Collector), Ai Wei Wei (Featured in portrait), Tobi Rubinstein-Schneier (Collector), Howard Stern (featured in a military portrait) and Woody Allen (Featured in a military portrait)

Please enjoy a press release about the show and images of Kandinsky’s work below!

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Press Contact: Yellow Sky Agency

“China-ism” by Anton S. Kandinsky – An Art Interpretation of Contemporary China

New York, NY. September 18, 2009 — Art Next Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Anton Skorubsky Kandinsky entitled “China-ism”. The exhibition will be held from October 1 to October 31 at Art Next Gallery, located at 530 West 25th Street, 3rd Floor.

The China-ism exhibition presents a series of paintings and two installations on the subject of Contemporary Chinese Art including Culture, Politics and Economy that inspired a non-Chinese artist, Anton Skorubsky Kandinsky, who lives and works in New York.

If contemporary China had become a locomotive that drives the World economy, then Contemporary Chinese art became “the new Hermes” for today’s art world. Anton S. Kandinsky asserts that the world was introduced to “China-ism” by Andy Warhol, who in 1972 created a large size pop-art portrait of Mao Zedong. This was the entry point for Chinese symbols and iconic figures to establish a strong presence at the contemporary art scene. Today one can find presence of these symbols at a growing number in art galleries, art museums and art auctions, where Chinese Contemporary art remains firmly attractive to art collectors.

“China-ism” has become a ubiquitous landscape. But how should the Western viewer interpret it? Is the rise of Chinese art establishing itself as a “savior” of the world’s creativeness or is it just a hopeful “myth” for contemporary art? To answer these questions we just need to wait and see.

Anton Skorubsky Kandinsky is known for his “Gemism” paintings, works inspired by and decorated with gem stones. A movement founded by the artist in New York in 2004, Gemism, consists of realistic images of gemstones that are intermingled with flags, ideograms, political figures and celebrities mixed with symbolism from China, the former Soviet Union and American pop culture.
Art Next Gallery is dedicated to creating an East-West discourse by spotlighting the greatest artistic talents ascending across Asia and emerging here in New York. By featuring both emerging and established artists from Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, and New York, Art Next offers the Chelsea gallery community a unique confluence of cross-cultural vitality, shifting perspectives, and the newest voices of artistic identity. Art Next Gallery, located in the heart of Chelsea, functions as a gallery and event venue for artists, auctions, and various private events.

China-ism exhibition is curated by David Rong and Alex Demko.

For additional information, please contact Gallery Director, David Rong at 212-206-1668 for up to date information please visit

Work by Anton S. Kandinsky featuring depiction of artist Chuck Close and artist Ai Wei Wei as the President of China

Work by Anton S. Kandinsky featuring depiction of artist Chuck Close and artist Ai Wei Wei as the President of China