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Allison Parris Spring/Summer 2010: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

By October 24, 2009February 12th, 2010No Comments1 min read

By Saira Toppin

New designer Allison Parris is someone to discover this coming Spring. Her new collection is sure to turn heads and have people guessing who you are wearing. allisonparriscopyHer pieces feature relaxed earth tones including cerulean, tan, and dark brown. These colors will have anyone feeling comfortable and sexy on a rainy April day.


The brown leather mini dress is a killer. The flower garden appliqué on the front is a small addition that accentuates the dress in a grand way. Front or side pockets on short dresses are becoming a trend that is here to stay and Parris plays it up well.


By adding flowers and birds here and there, Parris incorporates nature in her work in an elegant manner. Many of her pieces are backless or exposing part of the back. This looks well on women who have been preparing their bodies during the cold winter months. Allison Parris dresses, skirts, and tops are decidedly pieces that you should add to your closet today.