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Fashion Wars: Christian Dior vs. Rupert Sanderson / Karl Lagerfeld Inspirations

By October 19, 2009No Comments2 min read

By Rick Weaver,

Never bring a weak shoe to a style fight.  At your next throwdown, consider packing two name-engraved plates or a battle ax.  Choose your fall 2009 accessories – and associated fashion inspirations— accordingly.


Inspiring the Rupert Sanderson/Karl Lagerfeld design, or so the re-telling goes, is the petite Parisian chick, strutting casually one day through Chez Georges.  She is carefree, prone to doing things to cause a stir.  (Why else would one bring an ax to a social gathering?).  You must respect the game though because her style is fierce.  In this style showdown, she is the #1 Contendress.

In the other fashion corner stands Lady Dior – the established Diva Champion, and the embodiment of feminine power.   She is no lightweight when it comes to style.  When challengers come along taking swipes, she takes their swings in full stride.  (If you need evidence, just check the cut-out detailing on the sides).   Should self-composure not be enough to remind would-be contenders that they really can’t lay a scratch on her shield, she can turn a vicious curve as if to say: “talk to the heel.”
So…who ultimately wins this fall season clash of glam ankle booties?  Ha.  The answer to that question is in the eye of the beholder.

If you are a man, which diva inspiration would you rather date?

If a woman, who would you rather hate?



Rupert Sanderson

Christian Dior