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LA Fashion Week: Skingraft Spring / Summer 2010

By October 19, 2009February 12th, 2010No Comments1 min read

By Courtney Fortune,


Audiences at the SkinGraft show either live in SkinGraft’s alternate universe or have really done their homework – you know your brand has a loyal consumer culture when they look like they’ve just walked off your runway. The dark, modern-edged design house exhibited a beautifully raw collection, which featured an impressive range of new shapes in their remarkably crafted, studded leather jackets. Many of its structured, militant pieces were paired with simple, more wearable (but equally desirable) designs; tank tops, leggings and aviator caps à la Amelia Earhart.

This attention to balance and detail projects a sense of maturity and tact, one that sets SkinGraft apart from other more morose rock/goth designers.


The final look, a gorgeous black gown with ruffled train, studded corset and dramatic feather headdress obscuring the model’s face, stole the show. The piece caused an awed and enthusiastic eruption from the crowd and left us with a lasting impact of SkinGraft’s eerily beautiful fantasy and sophisticated innovation.


Photos by Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times