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Buy Your Way Into Fashion Week: And Raise Funds for Haiti!

By February 5, 2010February 12th, 2010No Comments2 min read
Our dear friend Daniel Saynt, the editor of FashionIndie and the founder of ENVY, had the brilliant and self-less idea to donate his Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tickets to UNICEF and The American Red Cross efforts in Haiti.
They are for sale now on, and you definitely want to get in on the action! Please see a letter from Daniel below.

Dear Friends,

Last week I decided to donate my fashion week seats to to raise funds for UNICEF and The American Red Cross efforts in Haiti. On short notice, designers like Donna Karen and Marc Jacobs stepped up and allowed me to offer up highly covetable seats to their amazing shows.

The auction is now live and bidding has already begun on seats to these shows. Next season, I plan to make this initiative a much larger event, but this season I’m happy to announce that my seats have already raised $1,000 for Haitian Relief.

I can’t thank the designers involved enough for allowing me to make this happen. It’s a small amount compared to the efforts of others, but I’m sure with your bids or editorial support we can raise even more.

Here are the links to the auction items, please let others know about this effort to help increase the bidding on these seats.

PORTS 1961 –






Thank you so much to all the publicists and designers who made this happen. Next year, I promise we’ll do it bigger and better than this year.

Hugs & Disses,

Daniel Saynt

The Fashionably Independent