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TALENT: Q&A With Marcus Monroe, Kinetic Artist

By February 3, 2010No Comments4 min read

Marcus Monroe is one of those performers who does terrifying stunts while making you laugh. Some of his tricks are soo perilous looking that you feel guilty for laughing. but he’s telling quite clever jokes – so what can you do?!

What you can do is go see him live. He is performing next at Galapagos this Thursday February 4th at 9:30pm. If you miss that, you will have to settle watching him on Letterman on the 16th – so get you ticket today!

Also, did I mention he is a fair bit easy on the eye……

TRIFECTA: An evening of Mischief, Magic and Mystery
LIVE @ Galapagos Artspace – Thursday, Feb 4th. –  9:30pm
For reservations: SmartTix and more info:

Women’s Mafia: What is your unique Talent? How did you get into your rare and strange field?

Marcus Monroe: I am a juggler, but lately I find myself telling people I am a kinetic artist.  But no, Im a juggler and I mix juggling with other circus skills.  Sometimes I can be funny, but I’d rather tell people I’m just a juggler then when they see that I’m funny it’s like a little freebee cause they weren’t expecting it.  I taught myself how to juggle from a book 15 years ago and never really looked back.  I like to look to the future.

WM: When did you realize you could make your passion a lucrative career?
MM: I realized it was a lucrative career right away. I have managed to live fairly comfortably. I am not directly concerned about bringing in tons and TONS of cash though.  I would rather spend my time thinking about the best show I can put on and enriching the lives of others with what I do.  Getting paid for it is just a bonus.

WM: Have your parents come to terms with your choices?
MM: Is this really a question? This sounds like what I do is some sort of horrible thing.  I play catch with myself.  I am not hurting people. Yes they have to terms with what I do, infact I think they wish they could have the sort of freedom that comes with being a self-employed performer.

WM: You have worked on Television, on Cruise Ships and at a lot of high profile parties. What is one of the strangest things that ever happened to you at an event?

MM: I really can’t name just one so here’s a quick list in no particular order: I jumped off a 12 foot unicycle breaking one of my feet instantly while opening for CAKE, I once took a chainsaw that was running and juggled it and then caught it with my arm, I unknowingly picked a disabled person to help me onstage, as the audience was entering the theater I Iaid motionless for thirty minutes in a body bag then when the show started I got out.  The list goes on and that’s the beauty of a live show, there’s no editing. What happens, happens.

WM:What can the Women’s Mafia make happen for you?
MM: The more people learn about other people the better we can all get
along.  So if the Women’s Mafia can help do that I’d appreciate it. Also, if you could tell people about my show…Feb 4th at Galapagos Art Space in
Dumbo, I would like that very much.  Thanks for taking the time
getting to know me!