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Valentine’s Day Redux: More than Roses, No Headache

By February 6, 2010February 12th, 2010No Comments4 min read

By Saira Toppin

Valentine’s Day is coming up, again, as it does every year. And every year when Valentine’s Day comes around people scramble to figure out what to get or where to go with their significant other, lover, current fling, or whatever title you want to give that person. Some sites post their Valentine’s Day shopping guides, companies give special rates or coupons, and small businesses give customers freebies outright – whether they want them or not. Well, look no further, the Women’s Mafia is going to sort through the mess of red & pink, and you can stop your search after checking out our suggestions.

1. Valentine Duo Services at Downtime
A day at the spa is always good. Ladies, we can make sure our man is taken cared of for once by someone else. Ha! You can pay someone else to smooth his feet, massage his back, and clean his nails. Or, she can treat you and you can enjoy the day relieving some much needed stress. Right now, Downtime is offering specially designed treatment plans for two. If you schedule now through February 14 you can enjoy discounted rates on luxurious products and relaxing experiences. Visit for more details.

2. Singles Party
Many of us are single on Valentine’s Day, including myself. Why not throw a pity party? Just kidding. But you can have a cool get together in your apartment and invite some of your good friends and enjoy this “holiday.” Have a good time by eating great home-cooked food (visit for some of the best recipes), sip super cold Vidal Peller Estates Ice Wine, and dancing your calories away.  A party is a different way to relish in this day. Be happy that you do not have someone nagging you; dying to know what you got them for February 14th. Surprise your friends with a gift of your voice and crank up the karaoke machine.

3. Shopping
If you want to put a twist on Valentine’s Day this year, take a look at The t-shirts available on this site are out of this world and one of a kind. I have seen many different companies go the eccentric route and try to have that extra cool look, but Skrapper is one of the few who pull it off successfully. Their quotes are hard-hitting and straight to the point. Besides their 100% cotton tees, they also have eco-friendly tees that are 15% bamboo and 5% organic. Shirt design 117-Love says, “I love her, live your life with love. Do not worry what others think or say about you. Be free. Show it.” I have been told that the Skrapper tee is the perfect way to say ‘”I Love You” for the first time, and it’s also great for someone that just doesn’t like the traditional gift.

4. Eats
Dining is a Valentine’s Day classic. If you go out on the 14th I can guarantee that it will be ridiculously crowded everywhere. But, if you do decide to join the masses, here are two of my faves. Sugar Cane in Park Slope, Brooklyn is the perfect intimate place for excellent Caribbean Cuisine. Their hefty portions of sweet plantains do the trick. Another warmly lit space is Tramonti on Restaurant Row in Manhattan. Their Moscato is the best I have had and they have amazing daily specials too. The cheapest entrée at Sugar Cane is $11.95 for their vegetarian plate. The most expensive listed price at Tramonti is $29.95 for Scattadito alla Tramonti (Baby Lambchops with Tramonti wine). I hear that Moustache (Mediterranean) in the Village is a decent spot for a good price, just in case you didn’t want to splurge.

Go have fun and enjoy this special day with someone special, a good friend, or kick back at home alone and watch the All-Star game in HD, while tweeting the best plays to your followers. Remember, regardless of your situation, there is no reason you can’t wake up to red roses on Valentines Day – even if you purchase them yourself.